dataflow results,how to know?

hi friends,
regarding medical licensing in qatar
anybody plz tell me, how a dataflow result will be? how we can know about our result?
did they inform us or directly send result to sch?
if we are not satisfied how we can reply to them?



@iamfatenzooo.....i believe you are already in Qatar,as you gave clear response above, then, why you asked query where or in which bank in the Phils. where you can pay your dataflow processing fees? Well for you to know, following are the best and simplest options where to pay dataflow processing fees as what I did.

How do I pay?
I pay the fees direct to DataFlow Desk number 12 located at the Supreme Council for Health.

However if applicant outside Qatar must transfer the fee to the below account:

DataFlow FZ LLC
Emirates NBD, Dubai Media City Branch
Account NO: 1014239180701
Swift Code: EBILAEAD

Please mention the applicant’s name and “SCH Qatar” in the payment reference.


oh jincy,still u didn't find the result.I think u r soo tensed bcoz of this.


@blueagle69: Im not yet in Qatar, I just read about it and share it to others, might be a big help...anyways, I tried to pay my dataflow processing fee here in the Philippines in different banks, unfortunately they dont accept my payments. So I would like to know if there is any accredited bank on which I can pay..I really need to pay asap, ramadan is fast approaching.

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