Clinics & Health Centers

List of Clinics & Health Centers:

Abu Bakar Clinic Contact Number: 468 1795
Abu Hamour Health Centre Contact Numbrer: 469 1261
Airport Health Center Contact Number: 467 5633
Al Gharrafa Health Centre Contact Number: 488 6348
Al Montaza Health Centre Contact Number: 443 5784
Apollo Clinic Contact Number: 441 8441
Al Jazira Polyclinic Contact Number: 435 1155
Al Rafa Polyclinic Contact Number: 444 0499
Al Shahaniya Clinic Contact Number: 471 8995
Al Shefa Polyclini Contact Number: 466 0330
Doha Chiropractic Centre Contact Number: 456 0012
Elaj Medical Center Contact Number: 443 1254
Euro Clinic Contact Number: 444 0156
Elites Medical Complex Contact Number: 467 3043
Qatar Medical Center Contact Number: 444 0606
Umm Bab health Centre Contact Number: 471 1704
Pediatric Emergency Centre Contact Number: 439 2948
Radiology Department Contact Number: 439 3876
West Bay health Centre Contact Number: 438 7788


There more good cnlinic where me and my.friends have very good experience in it there doctors are really good especially one doctor called mohammad he is.really nice polite good looking doctor.others doctors are also nice.its my personel opinion you just try it you can judge it by your self.
Sorry i did not.mentined the name.of clinic its al abeer medical center in abu hamour
So your friends are not keeping good health for long ? Something seems wrong with their doctors ! ...... ...................... Sun , 17.08.2014, 09.47 hrs
No khalliwalli not women you want women doctor hahahaha
There is a very good urologist in Doha she is also Obsterics and gynaecologist she is italian from Milan. The name is Dr Maria Colavita. In my opinion she is the best urologist in Qatar. She is working in Al Hayath medicali center

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