Age limit
By pathanamthitta • 7 years 6 days ago.

Dear All,

Is there any age limit to work here in qatar? Like 65 years, can he work here? Please give me an answer.


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By Bluemountain• 7 years 6 days ago.
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limit is 60 but somebody can work beyond 60 depend on employer

By Elizabeth 1• 7 years 6 days ago.
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Elizabeth 1

Limit is 60 but some companies retire staff at 50. If the employer needs you he can extend your visa indefinately no matter what age you are.

By pathanamthitta• 7 years 6 days ago.

Thanks for the answers..

By salah2008• 7 years 6 days ago.
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Official age limit is 60, after that extension is on yearly basis and subject to authority’s approval. Europeans and Americans are exempted

By GodFather.• 7 years 6 days ago.
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Age limit is 18 to 60, after 60 depends on the employer

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