asking for latest price of iPhone 5 in Qatar

any body here know the latest cheapest price of iPhone 5 in Qatar? either lulu or carrefour, in starlink they are over price,

any suggestions are highly appreciated,

many thanks!

760 US$ for 16 GB

870 US$ for 32 GB

985 US$ for 64 GB

From USA .......... Original Price. I am gettin two of them before EID :-)

can i ask where store u can get it from 3999?

3999 at Lulu & Carrefour

thanks painther, ill get 1 after my salary ehehe thanks a lot..

i can arrange you i phone i5 of 16GB for QR2800.

my contact number is 33284973.

You can get it now for about 650 to 800 USD from selected stores. Along with that, some stores also give freebies like ipad keyboard case, when you buy iPad with them.

Qr 2700-iPhone 32gb at giant store hyatt plaza

Is it still available at Giant Store Hyatt Plaza? for this price?

Hello everybody over there.

please can you tell the price for 16 gb please

thanks :)

it expensive

it expensive

2500 for the 16GB

I am selling it cheapest as i got it as a gift contact me at 70005714 .its grey colour 16gb for qr.3400.

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