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By LeeIsm • 7 years 11 months ago.

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I wanna ask .. is there a possiblity to find a baby sitter for the morning period in Doha.. i am not looking for one rite now ... i just want to know so i can plan for December

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By pitogohin• 7 years 11 months ago.
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very possible if you have a good offer.but you have to advertise at least and have a week's allowance searching/screening since not many are into part time baby sitting here.

By eivanob• 7 years 11 months ago.

im a nurse in the clinic and planning to get partime available to baby sit ur baby.but im only available at 7pm weekdays and whole sundays....btw how much is ur good offer?

By anonymous• 7 years 11 months ago.
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yes,you can find many baby sitter on good offer,so don't worry about on this,even if you like from any specific nationality.

By LeeIsm• 7 years 11 months ago.

actually i am looking for a baby sitter from 7 am till 3 pm...

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