Brother and sisters living together

Does anyone know if a brother and sister can live together legally.

My sister is thinking of coming out here to live, she has the same surname as me as she never married.

If it is ok to live together, what are the checks that are carried out?


Just a proof of you and your sister being siblings will do (birth certificate, passport ).

is somebody from the government of Qatar checking each and every house, if there are non married couples of brothers/sisters living together or not?? pls somebody tell me that there isn't such a BS in Doha!!!

If she is entering the country on your sponsorship, ofcourse once you get Ok from the ministry that means you are qualified sponsor as brother and it is ok even to have a same appartment.

If she is entering and working in this country on her own (visa from different sponsor) then you guys just need to keep the necessary proofs handy IF and when required....

That is out of my best knowledge.

All the best

No issues as far as both of the passports show common parents and similar surnames

When applying for ur sister's visa, the only proof would be a copy of ur passport as well as ur sisters'. Cos, of the surename, home address and parents names, they can confirm the relationship b/w u guys. And der aitn any problem with housing ur sister here in Qatar.

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