Can anyone advise me, what legal action can be taken to get back the borrowed money?

Dear Friends;

I am in a big trouble now. An acquitance of mine has borrowed from me a large sum of money (I have taken it as a loan from bank) for relocating his business establishment from Musherieb, due to demolition. He borrowed the money in October 2010 saying that within 3 months, he will return it.

Till date, he did not return a single penny and I am in dire need of money now. Believing him, I did not take any document signed from him. He always says that he will return the money, but he is not giving me any date.

Please advise me what legal action can I take against him to get back my money.



Since you have no documents: NONE!

A fool and his money are soon parted.You are screwed.

o dear, u reminded me of my past.. lending money with no documents.. now im poor as a rat..

if u have a witness when you gave him the money then u can use that fellow..

but i dont know how court runs here.. and em sure additional expense if u file a case on that man..



You still have a chance. Get a gun!

LP, I think you need to revisit this thread :

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man! u r so screwed! open w bottle of wine, cry and learn ur lesson.

If you both come from same country and same state ( from India ? ) take him to Mr Nizar Kochery, well known leading advocate, atleast ( legally ) you can gather support to threaten him to an extent. Pls be careful, if things go wrong, he might become nightmare for you. Atleast try to collect little amount now in writing stating the total amount received by him and returned back ........... and net balance to return......... with this doc you can start to play your cards on him. Try best of luck. 

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