Doha Industrial Area
By Tariq Mustafa • 7 years 10 months ago.

Hi, What's the name of the industrail area near Doha? How far it is from the main city and what is the average rent in that area?


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By Grantley• 7 years 10 months ago.
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Umm - it's called "The Industrial Area". It's not very far away, but traffic can be heavy so the trip can be long. If you are white collar, you would not want to live there.

By alsboy• 7 years 10 months ago.
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De road leadin 2 Industrial Area is called de Salwa rd., ask any cab guy & u wud certainly end up der as its quite famous now. if u r driving down frm Ramada junction (I guess tht mite b de center of Doha... or was it Sharakhaba) u wud take abt 20minutes flat with minimal traffic. Avoid timings like 7-8am & 5-7pm (Hugh traffic). Abt findin a place der 2 live with a family... hmmm... u can get houses startin frm 5K, but it wud preferred u come and c de place first.


By adnankhan• 7 years 10 months ago.
Rating: 3/5

the arabic name of industrial area is ( saniya). if u want to live there and work in doha so its difficult. coz of load of traffic. if u wana comapare the rent from doha so its bit cheap than doha...

By Boss_99• 7 years 10 months ago.

dont live there..

there are many bad stories happened there..

Just search for any others in Doha..


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