Doha Police Clinic

By anonymous

Any Idea where the Doha Police Clinic is?

Quick..Manager is asking..time for me to score some points..

His hints - its near Madinath Khalifa...Al Jazeera street?

I'm not sure..I know a Madinath Khalifa Health Centre there..but I doubt if its the same thing..


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By Pwes2• 3 years 3 months ago.
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Its along Al Jazeera Al Arabiya Street, right side if you are coming from 22nd February street (Express Way). 2nd bldg. before the R/A.

By anonymous• 8 years 2 days ago.

Is your boss is a Police? then he should know this

By mohammed riyaz• 8 years 3 days ago.
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mohammed riyaz

yes, it is near to Al-rayah Driving school, the Round About near to Driving school, if you are coming from Yarmook petrol station,bin Umran or Farij Kuleeb.

By anonymous• 8 years 3 days ago.

Police Clinic? it is near the AL RAYA driving school and PHILIPPINE SCHOOL OF DOHA.located at madinat khalifa.

By thalib01• 8 years 3 days ago.

the area you mentioned has a police medical center of some kind... not sure, betterget it confirmed

but why is everybody hinting on a poly clinic... when the question is police clinic..? :-D

By dan1313• 8 years 3 days ago.
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C-ring road

By anonymous• 8 years 3 days ago.
anonymous is Polyclinic? I have no idea...I'll confirm when my boss goes there & takes a snap! :D

By huff2u• 8 years 3 days ago.

haha!! police clinic??? POLYCLINIC???

By anonymous• 8 years 3 days ago.
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I think its the Police Clinic...cause its related to Ministry of Interior...

I think i got the locations...

At the Yarmook Nissan Service centre take a left..head straight till the next roundbout & it should be on the left hand side...


By Victory_278692• 8 years 3 days ago.

Police clinic? POLYCLINIC.....

google and check your reference please

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