The Domestic Solid Waste Management Centre (DSWMC)
By cheska • 8 years 1 month ago.

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Hi Everyone,

Please does anyone have any idea how far they ve gone with the new waste management facility and when they are likely to start recruiting for Engineers? Please help me out with any information you have.

The facility is near Mesaieed and its being handled by Keppel Seghers (KS) for the Ministry of Agriculture or something. Can anyone help pls?


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By AbuAmerican• 8 years 1 month ago.

I want to follow this subject so I am posting in it :)

By anonymous• 4 years 5 months ago.

its posted in their daily news, i will send to you the email address.

By anonymous• 4 years 5 months ago.

try ur luck to, or u can send ur CV to

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