Family Counseling Center
By asif1142 • 8 years 2 weeks ago.

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Hi All,

In Doha there is a building "FAMILY COUNSELING CENTER" i have seen many times but i donot know what it is meant for..

I donot know the exact reference point for that but it is somewhere near to the CHN University..

May any body let me know whar sort of services they provide

Thanks in advance.

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By asif1142• 8 years 2 weeks ago.

Thanks Singham,

btw they are doctors / Psychatrics??? And how much they charge??

By anonymous• 8 years 2 weeks ago.

Masters in philosophy????

Or Masters in Physicology. This building is on middle of the way from CHN to Sports round about. They are doing counsciling for family related matters.I dont think they are treating mentally retarded people.

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