How to check up Electricity and Water bills
By Rehan • 7 years 1 week ago.

I wanted to know how to check ones electricity and water bills online .What all information are required for that and how can one pay it online or at a Kahrama centre.

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By galloper48• 7 years 1 week ago.

You can go to

There on yor right hand side you will see a link to

Pay or view your bill

And also try this


By the replacement• 7 years 1 week ago.
the replacement


Log on to this website then on the lower left click the pay or view your bill icon , input your RP no. and your 5-digit elec. no. which is highlighted in pink in your monthly bill statement, your present bill will be shown on your screen and you have the option to pay it on-line.


By achiles974• 7 years 1 week ago.

You can check via Kahramaa website on

Log on with your ID number & electricity number.

By GodFather.• 7 years 1 week ago.

You can only check in it if the bill is your name and you will need your ID for that..

By anonymous• 7 years 1 week ago.

Here the link, you can check your electricity bill

but you should have the ID Number of the owner and Electricity number

By geethananda• 1 year 5 months ago.

How to get a detailed bill for electricity & water ?