How long does it take to drive to Bahrain and Dubai?

IS it cheaper to drive or fly to Bahrain and Dubai?

Thank you for your answer.

I understand women cannot drive in Saudi. So will they allow a female driver to drive across the border into Dubai and Bahrain?

maybe this link have some info for you,home,1,&_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=home

Is there much of a delay expected at the Saudi Border crossing? I've heard horror stories that it can take hours and that bribes are often expected.

Pearlnecklace, 4 hours? maybe at 180!! Reckon on 5 hours at a steady 140 (in Saudi) to the causeway - I did it in May. 8 hours max to Dubai - did it last November. Queues are not too bad at Qatar border and UAE border unless you get a Saudi being searched. Causeway queues are unpredictable, however Friday morning up till 11 is usually quite clear.

Also worth noting is that there are NO speed cameras between Qatar border and UAE/Bahrain borders. Sometimes Saudi speed trap under bridge at Abqaiq. Happy driving!

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