How to register an engineer?
By one_shot • 5 years 3 months ago.

I was wondering How and Where i can register myself in the state of Qatar to be a certified Structural engineer.
I made a design but they are asking a certified engineer "with a stamp" o.O
thanks in advance..

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By the-birdie• 5 years 3 months ago.
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you contct some of the Consultants like



Qatar Design Consortium

all the best

By one_shot• 5 years 3 months ago.

So i have to pay for these offices just for the stamp?

because i don't they will answer if i repeat the same question.


By SABISH BABU• 5 years 3 months ago.
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you can register in the Urban Planning and development authority after enough tests and interview. This will help u find a better jobs. because several authorities asking company to approve designs by engineers authorised by UPDA.

You may go to UPDA opposite city centre, 9 the floor. There is a professional engineers committee

By one_shot• 5 years 3 months ago.

thanks Sabish

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