How to transfer credit using vodafone to vodafone

How to transfer credit using vodafone to a vodafone sim.
i went to vodafone site i cant find the procedure. thanks guys.

is it the same with qtel. please let me know the procedures

thanks guys




as far as checking balance and loading credit is concerned, QTEL and Vodafone has the same.. so i presume transferring credit from Vodafone to Vodafone would be the same as Qtel.. worth a try..
*130*mobile number*amount of credit to transfer#


hello there.

i've seen this already. this is money transfer like remittance. like sending money to western union.

what i meant is. sending credit / load like some would say.
example of this in hala card. like sending this code using your phone. *130*(Phone number to be transferd)*Ammount then press send.



Vodafone DOES NOT offer credit transfer service, neither do they allow ownership transfer of their numbers till now.


Also from Vodafone site

Q.Where can I send funds using Vodafone Money Transfer?

A:With Vodafone Money Transfer you will be able to send money from your mobile to other mobiles in Vodafone Qatar’s network, bank accounts both in Qatar and abroad, along with other mobile and traditional international remittance destinations.


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