If someone got hit by another employee during work?
By ziadattieh • 6 years 1 month ago.

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What should i do?because company maybe wont terminate him. what is the right procedure to do and where to go and complain?

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By anonymous• 6 years 1 month ago.

reporting the incident to the police is your most appropriate option

By anonymous• 6 years 1 month ago.

MikaysMom it seems you know Qatar Laws very deep, crimininal minds always talk like that. So tell me how many times you have been in Prison?

And Ziad dont listen to filth, you have to go to Police and report. No one can get away with abuse, these gossip mongers have nothing better to speak just spread rumours and scare you.

By MikaylasMom• 6 years 1 month ago.

Only in Qatar can you get physically abused by your boss and be told to be a man and take it. Gotta love this country. (That was sarcastic).

By anonymous• 6 years 1 month ago.

Dear reader,

The best suggestion is to excuse him. Do not go to the

extent of complaining to police etc., It is wise to Forgive what he has done to you, remember this is holy month of Ramadan, you'll be blessed in return. Give up

enemity and try for true friendship with all on earth.

By anonymous• 6 years 1 month ago.

one time, our manager threw a glass to one of our engineers. His action was carried by his own emotions. So, the engineer called the police. The police went to the office and spoke to the manager, but then, our company lawyer mitigated the situation. they became well again and apologized. When the engineer went on vacation, a month after the incident, he didn't return.

By ziadattieh• 6 years 1 month ago.

yes its me,a manager hit me during work time,what to do,where to go?should i go to police,they r telling me if i go to police maybe police will cancel my visa here,i dnt know what to do

By Mandilulur• 6 years 1 month ago.

Was it you? Then go to the other person and try to work it out first. Was it someone else? Maybe you should let them handle it.

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