International Medical Company Review
By incrediblehulk_66 • 3 years 9 months ago.

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Please give me some reviews about International Medical Company. My sister received an offer from this company as accountant. I just want to know if the management, working environment and salary packages are good, bad or average. Your insights would be of great help. Thanks

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By galloper48• 3 years 9 months ago.

To the best of my knowledge there is no such company here in Qatar.

Did your sister applied for a job with this company? Or she was just contacted "out of the empty" offering her a job??

Maybe it's better to do a background check and to do some research on the internet about this company.


By incrediblehulk_66• 3 years 9 months ago.

She did apply and was called, interviewed and accepted. I have had a little research and found also some employee of this company thru linkedin site so I think the company does exist, but I want to know if my sister would be in good hands when she comes there. Thanks

By Evangeline Betonio Abad• 3 years 9 months ago.
Evangeline Betonio Abad


Try to apply sa iba..di sila ng.bbigay ng release at pahirapan pa sa mga documents..

By incrediblehulk_66• 3 years 9 months ago.

ganun ba kabayan? salamat ng marami tlga! buti naicipan kong magtanong dito sa QL..maraming salamat

By 0102_2013• 3 years 1 month ago.

hi any update regarding this? Curious lang ako about sa company, kasi may job offer ako dito. Ok ba dito or what?

By peterdlrs• 1 year 3 months ago.

Mga kabayan wag po kayo dito mag apply ma ban lang kayo ng 2 taon, ma baba na ang sahod grabe pa sa bagsik ang may ari nito.. sobrang hirap lang ang aabutin nyo dito at masasayang lang ang panahon nyo at ginastos nyo. marami narin po ang umalis dito at na banned cla ng 2 taon dahil hindi nila kinaya at pinag bayad pa sila dahil hindi daw tpos ang kontrata.

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