Mod: Please do not delete ! Hello every one. Please consider this topic as a feedback for my training sessions undertaken at Mowasalat for Light Vehicle. During my training period (approximately 30 days) at Karwa, I had met Mr. Faraz Khan, my Training instructor. Mr. Faraz Khan (EMP # 708) was very gentle and polite during my training period and also as a person. Whenever I did a mistake during my training, he encouraged me not to be discouraged which made me confident. This confidence led me to clear up my test in the first attempt and I got my driving license. I personally believe that the instructors should have one thing that is patience. Whenever the trainee does wrong or mistake, the instructor should make them correct by politeness and not to get angry or aggressive as other instructors in Karwa are. I have seen few other instructors speaking very rudely to their trainee irrespective of trainee doing mistake or not, which in-turn will make the trainee discourage. This will lead to failure in test. Unfortunately, when I joined Karwa, I had another instructor who was one of them (rude and mannerless) but later under the instruction / training of Mr. Faraz Khan, I was well trained. Here I would like to remind one thing of note to all the instructors is that “since we are not perfect in driving, we are coming to driving school”. Again with a thanking note, I would like to thank Mr. Faraz Khan (emp # 708) for the training instructions given by him and above all Karwa team for the complete training sessions. I would definitely recommend my colleagues, friends, and others who are planning to join driving training school should be trained at Karwa because “Always go for the best, do not go for the nearest”. Thanks and regards,

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