Katara Cultural Village Foundation Seafront LOCATION

Any body can direct me from Mall Round about to Katara Cultural Village Foundation Seafront plz..........

Go to City center,there ask any Karwa taxi driver how to go to Exhibition center,next to this is Katara Cultural Village.

Be careful, I understand that only Qatari's and Westerners are allowed into the Cultural Village.

at Chairboy - thats a wrong assumption, i went there last week. I am neither Qatari nor Westerner

rony john is right... i just visited that place last sunday...asians are welcome... i suggest you visit the place during weekdays only..avoid going there on thu, fri & sat as it is very crowded and no more space for parking according to the security guard...

It wasnt an assumption - I was merely relaying what I was told on the gate by security - specifically he said that Asian bachelors were particularly not welcome...but there is nothing new there!

In fact, if you'll bear with me, my understanding is that when the beach is fully open, Asian bachelors will be denied access to the entire village.

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