Can any 1 tell me if my girl friend wanna follow me to working here and she just wanna stay with me. Did she need apply wat type of visa? if apply visit visa, how long she can stay at Qatar? Tq all

I think you get a 1 month Visa on Arrival (VOA) at the airport for QR 100. For further info, contact Qatar Embassy in KL.

Qatari Embassy

The Ascott, Kuala Lumpur, No.9

Jalan Pinang

P.O.Box 10905

50450 Kuala Lumpur


Telephone 03 2140 2304

what apanama said

Remember that you cannot stay together if you are not Married, if you do that you both might be deported.

Hello Bro...bawa awek ke sini jangan lar sampai you heboh satu negara.... benda benda macam ini not allowed in Qatar lah. Nanti kena buang negara pulak you ni...apa lar you ni....wei

LoL sorry but couldn't help laughing at the responds. Agree with the comment as i did check ( well my office checked is visa upo arrival) So no issue but pasal nak tinggal together tak payah annouce satu Doha hehehe

Akakaka... Aduh! Cramp otot usus aku dibuat nye nak tahan gelak. Sry bros.. otak aku fikir yg bukan2 je. Apa pun TQ for sharing with QL.

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