Man and woman in Qatar

I am new in Qatar. Today I was discussed with one of my colleagues from work
and she told me here in Qatar I cannot go in the street with a man friend because police can stop me and ask my marriage certificate. It’s to strange, I thought Qatar more open .As well I want to ask if I can
visit my friend man without marriage certificate.Just I have friends male and i would like to talk with him my language.

na its ok

you dont need to be scared

just dont do anything naughty

I think my company wants to make me scare this country since I am new here. Actually nobody didn’t explain me rules except that I have to be in home 12 like Cinderella.That is make me to think leave Qatar ASAP

I will be happy if somebody brief me about rules here in qatar and as well my rights

Of course you can.

What you have to avoid is visible "signs", means holding hand with a person of a different sex, kissing in public...

Otherwise of course there is no problem. Also think of dressing in a manner that respect the local tradition, mean no visible knees or shoulders.

Ne volnuisya, mojno vse, tolko ostorojno ;-)

Well can't say really.It is more like un-implemented,yet legally they can ask you.Never experienced such a thing although when I was with my female friends..

Ya Qatari Plicemen are Big Head without Brain Type Ok, so they can do anything, anywhere & anytime,

so its better to work in UAEm there U can live n work with more freedom.

No problem there is no need to get frightened as long u respect the rules of this country holding hands it is not a crime,u can hold Ur girl friend hand,now days even Qatari holds their wifes hands in public,but no kissing.Qatar is quite a safe and open country for all the nationality.

thank you all for the answers.Actually I could ask this question from my HR but I sure I will not get a clear answer.

I have to be in home 12 night like Cinderella by HR rules.

there is nothing serious in qatar.. ppl are just making you scared.. here nothing like this.. u can chit chat, can go for hang out every thing... kissing scenes you can find easily in airport, in cars,

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