Migrating to qatar - advice needed

By farzana_reh


My husband has got an offer with Ahli bank in doha. salary is about 23,500 QAR. Pls let me know if this is a decent sum. will the 2 of us be able to lead a decent life in this sum & ofcourse save some money as well.

wat is the avg cost of rent for a furnished apt?

also will i get a decent job there (10k QAR pm) . I am from the media background & have 4 years expreience.


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By amnesia• 9 years 10 months ago.

My advice to you is to ignore people who say "Don't come to Qatar".

I feel that they either don't want the competition or they're just jealous of something.

I came from living in England for 5 years and I love Qatar. (look at the link below :) )

That offer is fine. Obviously if you want to have a better life you ask for more.

If you are able to get a job for 10k, thats 33k which will let you live a decent life.

My advice to PEOPLE is that they have to remember that different people's standard of living is different.

If you are used to living in a palace, guess what? Not everyone can do that!

Anyway, 23.5k is a very good salary. That's the starting salary for manager positions in all Banks.



By anonymous• 9 years 10 months ago.

i think its really fine offer


Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

Saddavi (1988-20??)


Qatar Football group


By poolplan• 9 years 10 months ago.
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You can get a crap 2 bed for around QR 7,500 to 8,000 per month. That leaves you with around QR 15,000 per month for living entertainment. You may save something, but it probably won't be very much.

By engr2002• 9 years 11 months ago.

I am interested in door-2-door companies to move from US to Qatar. Is it very expensive? Is it better to buy furniture here?

By Oscar5050• 9 years 11 months ago.

So what will be a good salary for someone to be able to save say 2500riyals,,,lets be honest and realistic

By Nic• 9 years 11 months ago.

my comment above was for creakylol.

By Oscar5050• 9 years 11 months ago.

SO can someone tell me whether 45000riyals will be a good package..cos if 23000 is crap,,,Ohhh God then that means that place is even mo expensive than London then

By Nic• 9 years 11 months ago.

I must say that your comment on this issue was the most straight forward and honest that I have seen lately here in qatarliving.

You got it right on with few words!

Too bad I haven't asked you the same b4 coming here!


By poolplan• 9 years 11 months ago.

The Quoted salary is OK if the employer is paying your accommodation costs. Otherwise it is crap. You will save nothing.

By tabrezgm• 9 years 11 months ago.

Does anyone know if the sports channel in Qatar telecase English Premier League and Spanish Primera Liga football matches live.

Also, do they have live telecase of cricket matches.

By mrbeeakalilben• 9 years 11 months ago.
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oh yes, also u can save a lot with this 23000 riyals as there are no much entertainment in doha except for a few bars. yor expense im sure wont go more than 10000 if you can adjust to a normal 2 b/r small house. if you have kids, then add another school fees, etc maybe total expense around 13000 - 15000 riyals lavish life.. :)

By mrbeeakalilben• 9 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

thats nice... very good salary and you can get apartments ranging from 7000 - 15000 depends as per your extra addition luxury u require. Since u are under ur husbands sponsor, u may not get that much salary as expected but hey, u never know ur luck.

are u relocating your entire household goods to doha from your origin location? if so, have u contacted any relocation movers? let me know if u need any assistance on that..

By anonymous• 9 years 11 months ago.

You want my advice......Dont come to Qatar. You'll hate it especially if you're coming from a first world country.

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