Nursing license requirements?

I am a male nurse,passed qatar prometric exam and my dataflow is on process in SCH. I got an offer from an employer,but i am having doubt that whether i can start my work or not?What are all the next steps i have to do?If anyone can clarify my doubt,it will be very helpfull for me.

thank you in advance.....!

if ur prometric n dataflow is over,then the hospital offering u the job will take care of the rest,like evaluation,visa n license..evaluation takes some time.its a mutual understanding that u accepted their many years of experience do u have..before commiting to them,do a survey and see which hospital gives a good offer..also check the other benefits they offer..dont just hurry n fall in some trap..if u hv nurse friends ,check with them..

good luck

thank you Dr.Sadiqua,I am having 3 years of experience.could you tel me how much can i expect as salary?

thank you Dr.Sadiqua,I am having 3 years of experience.could you tel me how much can i expect as salary?

Steps to obtain nurse license (general Scope Nurse) here in Qatar:

1. Create an account here, sign up as NEW APPLICANT:

2. Go to Apply for Evaluation. Fill up and upload needed requirements.

3. Pay 700 QR for Evaluation Fee. You can pay it online or manually...

4. You will receive an email notification complimenting that you successfully passed the evaluation phase and now ready for licensing phase...

My processing took only 2 months.

Note: you can check Supreme Council of Health (SCH) for the list of Registered Companies here in Qatar with LICENSED FACILITY. This is important because SCH will not accept or process your paper if your employer is not registered with SCH!

I hope this will help you!

We have the same situation, I passed the prometric exam & data flow is on process. I am a Site Nurse here in Doha for 1 year and 5 months now. My company is releasing me this february, they will provide my NOC if I already have my new sponsor. My Job description in my visa is not "Nurse". My question is

1. Will I able to proceed for licensing with my new emlpoyer ( who has license for clinic )

2. Is my 1 year 5 months working as a Nurse with different job description (Mechanical Technician)

Will affect the procedure of my licensing to my new employer?

3. I want to knowthe requirements/ guidelines in processing my license.

I need your feedback Please.. . Thank you!

hi! what if you don't have an employer yet, will it be possible to apply for evaluation or data flow by myself? thanks

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