Please advice me the exact location of UAE embassy in Qatar.
By susaj • 7 years 2 days ago.

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I heard that it is in Markhiya Street. But please tell me the exact location

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By nath5181• 7 years 2 days ago.
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Near Movenpick, You take cornish road it is at end.

By Dracula• 7 years 2 days ago.

United Arab Emirates Embassy , Qatar

22 Al Markhiyah Street, Khalifa Northern Town

PO Box 3099









By girls_kidnaper• 7 years 2 days ago.
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HI, my friend visit to & search in the map easily can get in Dafna Area Near pakistani Embassy

but u can get complete area phot in

By Majnoon Ajnabi• 7 years 2 days ago.
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Majnoon Ajnabi

N25 19 43.1 E51 32 16.7

By balisv• 7 years 2 days ago.
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It is near 4 Seasons hotel Corniche.

By Jhong_C• 7 years 2 days ago.

Just go straight north of Corniche Road until you reach the farthest end. You'll see the flag of UAE on the right hand side,

By anonymous• 7 years 2 days ago.
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take corniche road and go towards Sheraton Hotel Roundabout, go straight towards QTEL Roundabout, again go straight, you will find Movenpic on your lefthand and fourseason hotel on your right hand, you will find a curve road and after signals ( or may b a small roundabout ), just after that see on your left side, here U.A.E it

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