Qatar Traffic Violation

if any one knows the cost of traffic Violations please tell.

Parking Violations : --cost-- (eg: qr 5000)

(over)speed Violations :

(red)signal passing Violation :

and other VIOLATIONS

please tell.

speeding - 500

trafic light - all 4tyers pass 6000,if 2tyers 300

parking -- 300

use mobile fon- 500 spotfine

1. Parking of vehicles or waiting at assigned places for pedestrian crossings or on pavements. - QAR 300 (minus 3 demerit points).

2. Exceeding posted speed limit on the road. - QAR 500

And to be increased by QAR 100 for every 10 km/hour of speed to the maximum penalty of QAR 1000.

3. Not abiding by the automatic traffic signals. QAR 6,000 (minus 7 demerit points).

why don't u chk MOI website

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