Regarding Living expenses in Doha

I ( Mohammad Shameem Khan), Have been selected by Qatar Airways Company. They are offering me QR 4329, with no accommodation and meals.
I am an MBA - Human Resource plus 2 years of experience.
Please reply. because still i can negotiate on this. because i am in dilemma.
how much salary should i ask for? one thing is sure they are not going to provide me company Accommodation.
Am i being underpaid?

Please help me out revert with appropriate solutions.

I have to reply them ASAP.

Waiting for your positive response.


Mohammad Shameem Khan

man, Its too less...Its like a drop of water in a big desert..Plz negotiate for more ..Atleast till QR 8000 including company accomodation(bachelor)..I dont think QATAR AIRWAYS provides MEAL.. U have to bear it on ur all depends on ur destiny..But wat they r offering is very less - very very less..

all the best !

ohhh i agree its very less!!! you need at least 8000 without accomodation to survive in doha.. housing its very expensive and also renting a car!!

Good luck!!


MBA+exp -must demand QAR 14,000-15,000 per month.

Otherwise not worth coming over .

Don't accept this offer. The amount which they offer you is very less. you can't live with that money in Doha. Minimum basic salary you need 8000-10000 with out housing and food. If you want a bacheler sharing accommodation in Doha you have to pay minimum 1500-2000 QR.(if you get you are lucky) If you want a independent 1BHK you have to pay 5000-6000 so you can imagine whats going on here. Food in restaurent's also very expensive. AS you have a MBA degree and 2yrs exp. you can negotiate with them to get better offer otherwise my opinion leave this and try for better one.

Wish you all the best.

This Offer is Very Lesss... If they will Provide HR + Other Allowances... den This Basic s Ok...Not Good..Man here in Qatar Living Expences is day by increasing....If wannt get a GOOD Sharing accomodation u have to pay atleast (QR. 750-1000).

Assalamu Alaikum......

Never accept this kind of offer in Doha. It's like joke. They are doing fun with your future. Don't accept any offer less than QR. 8,000 if there is no company Accomodation. Good luck brother.

hiii plz dont accept it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Less this will accomodate only ur house rent..

hiii plz dont accept it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Less this will accomodate only ur house rent..


Do not except....

They Should offer you at least 8000-10000

Do not except,You offer 8000-10000,all the bust...

are you sure that's the salary you have been offered. There must be some mistake check again

For living in Qatar minimum 6~7K is what you can think of to atleast surviving !!

you must be kidding !!

check out this thread, it has breakdown of cost of living.


Anything less than 8000 do not accept.

Its ( supposed ) to be the national carrier of this region.

So ask them back is this figure given weekly ? :)

Or let them recruit from uganda

Man your MBA respect that!!!!


4000 cant barely get u a decent room, please think carefully~

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