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This is NEWS?

Weak dollar hits expats’ earnings


have just also heard that UK and US are considering invading Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction. AND apparently Prince Charles and Lady Diana are considering a divorce. More news when I hear it....

but it is still 3.65 to the Riyal!



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Oh well thank goodness the QR is pegged to the pound...

oryx ... since when QR is pegged to the point?

sorry novita - we are being sarcastic because this is such old news..

They are planning to peg it to a bunch of currencies so as to have an excellent balance, but there is sdownside to it, if u do not break away from dollar totally and yet keep it in the bunch, it shalldrag the whole group down , because they have lot at hand to keep their currency in downtrend, like iraq, afghan and now expenses to prove Iran guilty.

wait and see


lol ... should know your english sarcasm by now. We used to send money QR 5 to 1 pound, and now over QR 7 to 1 pound. Would be nice if QR peg to the pound xx

one time......3.65 to the pound

Seen this mornings news?  Looks more likely!


30% revaluation...yes please...back to 5QR=1GBP!

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