What is the requirement for medical in medical commission for visit visa extension.

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1. Visa copy

2. Sponsor’s ID copy with mobile number

3. Visitor’s Passport copy

4. 4 passport size photos.

5. QR 100

Last but not least Passion.

also you can't have aids or TB

Here is the procedure:

1. Go to Medical Commission office with the following documents

a. Original passport

b. Visa extension form duly filled-up

c. Copy of the visit visa

and don't forget to carry Credit/Debit/other card to pay the fee. It is QR 100, but no cash payment.

2. No need to carry photographs - it will be taken

3. Check the results here:


4. Go to immigration office with original passport, and visit visa extension form duly filled-up for the extension after appx 3 days. Extension may be allowed for one month or more.Again, no cash payment.

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