What is the temperature in Qatar today?

Steam is coming through tap that I had to give up washing dishes.That is all I know!

according to BBC: max of 46 degrees celsius.


It’s HOT! DAMN hot. Real hot. Hot as things in my shorts, I could cook things in it, a little crotch pot cookin’.”

“Well, could you tell me what it feels like?”

“Fool, it’s hot, I told you again! Were you born on the SUN? It’s damn hot. You don’t believe me, I saw one of those little guys in an orange robe burst into flames. It’s that hot, you know what I’m talking about?”

“Well what do you think it’s going to be like tonight?”

“It’s gonna be HOT and WET. That’s nice if you’re with a lady, but it ain’t no good if you’re in Qatar"

Ok, ok, apologies for all offended. Please don't blame me it was Robin Williams. In answer to your question, yes, rather warm, still and sunny.

3D 3D

49 degree .... its hot as hell

Great language, QatarKiwi.Your expressions make anyone hot, sweaty, and wet with tears.

undershade temperature is 42º-45ºc but outside direct sun temperature at 1300hrs i recorded 59ºc

i think its better than hell,LOL.

it was 47 'C at 2.30pm wen i was coming from exhibition center...


yeah!!! so damn hot..

the recorded temperature is 47 but feels like 54


Please avoid working under the sud for long hours

Drink more water

if u are supervising any workers please make sure that they get rest from time to time

18H27 = 41° in West Bay

13H30 = 44° in Ramada Area....

And we are only in May.....

No need more comments....

It'S HOT and HALAS.........lol

Hot.. ? today...!!! NO.

You will feel it within few days...


its very hot .. i could feel the intense while waiting for my sons cab during noon. hmmm it will still get more hotter by june ...

Why are there workers still working outside in this heat...are there no laws for working in this heat....or more imortantly is there no conscience here for these poor peoples condition.....funny answers not required lamers....just a question if there are laws for working outside..

if you have net access you can go to www.wunderground.com/global/stations/41170.html. the range today is 31-43 degree C. It's beoming hotter now so our construction company will have a night schedule probably next week for outside works.

Summer Special:

Prepare your favorite Kebabs without any Charcoal, all you have to do it is place the meat on your car for few minutes(please wear protective gloves to toss HOT meat).

Prepare your own Vegetable Biryani by leaving all ingredients in your car under sun for 1-2 hours.

Environment Friendly Solar Energy :)

It was 47c at 2.00p.m

and now its 42c at 4.00 p.m

any idea abt whats the max temp ever recorded here

49 or 50 or 51.... the word is " UNBEARABLE"

It's 45 degree today, yesterday was also the same, and it has been reported 49-50 in some parts of the country.


I say over 50.

But over 50 means everyone should stop working according to the law :D

so under 50!

i have a manual thermometer..it's 52 degrees celcuis here at ASPIRE ZONE.

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