what is the zipcode of Qatar?

what is the zipcode number of qatar?..I used 0974 but not valid..gud day thanks

hey, its only 974


There are no postal zip codes in Doha if that is what you mean, the number 974 you mention is the country international dialing code that's not a postal zip code.

If you are ordering something online and must insert a zip code into a drop down menu just put 0000, that usually works.

there is no postal code for QATAR

when you register somewher, I too faced this problem.

at last i found a magic figure,,,, fax number of a Salwa road office.....It works !!! ......haha

468 - - - - ( that 7 digit number workd for me )

I mostly use QA

zip codes are only in US and Canada, and it has nothing to do with any phone nos. you can easily put ur post no. that is the PObox of your personal or your company's PObox. it works easily...in much cases u can leave it blank.

I agree with Expat as 974 is the International country code for calling by phone. The zipcode is a postal number (Code) Qatar does not have one and I normaly use the 0's as that works

press 00974+ number in Qatar(mobile/landline)

None. But I usually use the area code 00974. It does the trick. =)

There is no zip code for Qatar. Zip codes only for United States and Canada. Avoid this option in all internet registration forms.

I do the same as Doty, I use zeros.

Using 974 is a no brainer. It might just add to the confusion. 974 is an International dialing code not a postal code.

zip code is to identify the address or location and the telephone country code is for the international dialling number.

qatar don't have zip code normally address or location is known thru there landmark and area, and for the international dialling number for qatar you must call 00974 + contact number.

Qatar dosen't have one. "0000" should work fine or try any other random numbers,,1 of 5 will work.

It's 00974. Surely it will work

dial 00974 or +974 whn u wnt call outside from doha

put 00974 it will work for sure.

see this web site for more information


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