Atlas Medical Center

I am not one of those who would get concerned over spending out of my own pocket if I got better or quicker consultation and cleaner or hygienic waiting areas in Doha's clinics.

Though I went to work during the first two days of flu, I badly needed a couple of days of rest to fight the virus. I happened to be at Barwa’s Mega mart vegetable market when I finally realized I no longer wanted to survive on Panadols and definitely needed to see a doc.

I entered the Atlas Medical Center situated just on the opposite side of the car park of the mart only to find myself the only patient at the reception when all other clinics are full of patients during these times. After the usual upfront consultation charges taken, I was asked to wait for the call of the nurse from one of the doctor’s cabins. I told the young Indian doctor that it was the third day of the infection and I had partially lost my voice due to an inflammation of the larynx. I also told him I didn’t believe in taking antibiotics during the first week of influenza and that I badly needed to rest for a couple of days. He handed me over the prescription with almost 5 to 6 different kinds of tablets and syrups and out of them one seemed to be an antibiotic. I noticed he hadn’t written the sick leaves yet. When I asked to write down how many days of rest would be required, he asked me to buy the medicines first from the pharmacy and come back to take the main prescription. I got the drift but had no mood to argue.

Question: What does buying medicines from their own pharmacy have to do with how many days a patient would have to rest?

When I showed him the ‘purchases’, he granted one day-off from work. I didn’t argue thinking seriously that I would recover within a day. But, I didn’t. When I went to my office the day after, all my colleagues said I needed more rest. I went back home for the prescription to contact the doctor and have him grant another day of official rest. There was no telephone number in any of their prescriptions or bills. So finally I got it from QTEL. I was so sick and weak yesterday that I didn’t feel like persuading the doctor on the same thing. I stayed back at home thinking I would get the sick leave revised to 2 days later.

Today, I worked again after 2 days of rest. After finishing with my office, I went straight to the doctor hoping to give a last try for another day of leave. I involved the medical coordinator and a senior doctor too but to no avail. They all requested me to seek a consultation from an ENT specialist again if I wanted another day off tomorrow but the previous day's couldn’t be revised.

Question: How low has medical profession come too?

My parents had always taught me, good physicians needed to be good human beings first.

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