OFW a hero!

When Heroes needed a hero…

OFW are now called heroes of new generation, they might correct, but base on your experience, are we really heroes..?
How do you see or define hero..? For me, a hero is someone who stands for the rights of others especially of his own rights.
But as I have observed, there OFW who have been deprived of their rights,
The Right to stay in comfortable home, to eat a healthy food, to work in convenient time, to receive fair salary and incentives and other privileges, but sad to say that most OFW don’t have the mentioned rights, that’s why I can’t figure-out how did they call us hero? In what particular basis, is it because we give more priority to our family like sending money to them not later than monthly? Or because we are one of the big contributors in saving our descending economy, who doesn’t want to be called hero..? When everybody aims to be one, it is an honor to be called Hero. But it’s really discouraging to know that we are only heroes for them when no one we can call our hero aside from our Almighty God. Someone will stand for us, someone we can defend and lean on when we lost hope, someone will comfort us when we feel nostalgia. There are OFW specially those working as household who have been abused by their employers. But no one arrives to help them. Or even ask their conditions. Others have been accused for crime but no one defends them. OFW actually do not only work and earn money. We also need help. Not money or any material. Admit it or not, we OFW do mostly need time from our family and attention from our government. Simple greetings like “kumusta ka na?” from them makes us feel good. Better if they would say “we miss you” that will make our day complete. If we are really hero, therefore I could say…OFW are the most unique hero, a hero who doesn’t receive awards and recognition, we are simply hero w/in our hearts .by passion of our soul and sincerity of our spirit. You, as OFW, Who can you call your hero..?

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