Moving to Qatar

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Qatar has a relatively high standard of living and many expatriates find living in Qatar a very different experience from anything they had expected or what they have been used to.

None the less almost all expatriates enjoy what Qatar has to offer. Exciting job opportunities and equally promising salaries together with the attraction of the country make Qatar an enticing place to settle down.

Finding a job is not always that easy as all expatriates require sponsorship to work and live in Qatar. The safety, warm weather and family orientated environment further entice those seeking similar lifestyles and weather.

There are several fine resorts and beaches strategically placed along the 565 km coastline to choose from. You won't find any difficulty in balancing the work - play environment effectively.

There are many good furnished and unfurnished apartments to choose from and finding accommodation is not that hard. Depending on your circumstance either the company sponsoring will assist or the many estate agents will be more than willing to assist.

There is no shortage of entertainment- shopping, restaurants, cinemas and bowling alleys. A generous blend of café’s, nut shops and divine bakeries make Qatar an exciting country to relocate.

Qatar is expanding rapidly but the growth is not overwhelming as it still offers a vibrant yet peaceful pace of life.

Do you have any further questions? Create a post here and someone from the community should be able to help.

  1. Working in Al Jazeera academy

    I have been offered a job in secondary and was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is like for a teacher and their family moving out to Doha from the UK. What is their accommodation like? Package is fairly standard and similar to what I have been offered at another school.

  2. MMUP Registration

    Hello QLers,

    I need your help about MMUP Registration.

    As a (construction planning Engineer) with 3 years exp. , do i need MMUP registration?

    This registration requires attested experience certificate which is very hard process here in Egypt.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Nakilat Dammen ship Yard

    Can some one advice how is it working with Nakilat dammen ship yard.

    my cousin has got a offer from there ,please advice the best place for accomodation and how much amount will it be he is moving with his wife

  4. Job offer for 5500 QAR

    Hi all i am from india, Currently working with big 4 audit firm as an Auditor i am a fresher .i got an offer from DARWISH group in qatar they are offering me a salary of 5500 QAR & accomodation provided by the company.