The Al Sultan complex

Does anyone know the Al Sultan complex?

I am moving over in 2 weeks time and am going to be staying there, just wondered what it was like? Does anyone perhaps know?



it's awesome, really cool resort.

i was never there as i'm also relocating in 2 weeks time from abu dhabi but some of my friends been there and they loved it..i hate you!!!

they have beautiful beach and cool gym,

i'll wait 4 your invitation..r u in showbiz?

I wish!

No its the Al Sultan Compound!

Not Complex!


Would be nice though hey?

Do you mean the AL SULTAN BEACH RESORT in Al Khor ?

No, it appears its called the Al Sultan compound, not in Al Khor though.

I suppose if I wait two weeks I will see anyway! (Its just I am impatient!)

Thanks so much for the help!

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