Being Gay in Doha

Hi all,
I am a young professional considering a great job offer on Doha. Only a 'small detail': I am a guy married to a guy. Our union is legal almost everywhere in the West however it will not be there in Qatar.
I don't want to give up the opportunity to fulfill my dream until I am 100% that my life will never work out there. Both of us are very straight-looking, we do not hold hands nor share affections in public. All we want is to carry a normal family life within the privacy of our house without having to fear prison or legal action.
I would like to be in touch with a solicitor who operates in the area to find out about my rights within the Country. If I move there and I live a normal married life will I still be at risk ? Also, is there any way my partner could get a visa via me ? Or, is there I way I could sponsor him as a dependent or family member, or even as an domestic assistant if necessary ? I need to hear from you.
I am seeking for objective opinions. I am not trying to host a debate on gay rights, nor I want to mount polemics. I just need to know from you that live there. Should I give up my dream ?