Being Gay in Doha

Hi all,
I am a young professional considering a great job offer on Doha. Only a 'small detail': I am a guy married to a guy. Our union is legal almost everywhere in the West however it will not be there in Qatar.
I don't want to give up the opportunity to fulfill my dream until I am 100% that my life will never work out there. Both of us are very straight-looking, we do not hold hands nor share affections in public. All we want is to carry a normal family life within the privacy of our house without having to fear prison or legal action.
I would like to be in touch with a solicitor who operates in the area to find out about my rights within the Country. If I move there and I live a normal married life will I still be at risk ? Also, is there any way my partner could get a visa via me ? Or, is there I way I could sponsor him as a dependent or family member, or even as an domestic assistant if necessary ? I need to hear from you.
I am seeking for objective opinions. I am not trying to host a debate on gay rights, nor I want to mount polemics. I just need to know from you that live there. Should I give up my dream ?


The only countries that it is LEGAL and recognized to have same sex marriage is

Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, UK, Some states in the US, Aruba, and there are other countries in Asia that are discussing allowing it.

Qatar is a Muslim country and homosexuality is illegal. At the end of the day though, for me, if it doesn't affect me, i don't really care.

If you want to be openly gay in Qatar, I would think your life would be very difficult (if not impossible).

If you are going ot be gay in private, I think you should be fine :)

You will only have to fear prison or legal action if you are open about it.

I'm sure one day Qatar will change, but Qatar is still developing and needs time to be more open. It's the same in Dubai too.

You would also have to hide the fact that you are married. Either act as relatives, or simply as friends :)

But be sure that you'll be able to hide it.

I'm very sorry you have to do that, but I really do welcome you to Qatar ^_^y


I Love Qatar -

i only can agree with amnesia. Why do you have to come here and sacrifice your 'married life' for it?

Your situation is kind of illegal here! I'm afraid you can only sponsor someone who are really close relatives like husband, wife kids parents and to have a helper or domestic assistants as you called, is not possible for your situation. you can only sponsor domestic helper here if you have a proof of being married to an opposite sex with kids.

On the other hand as you said you both look straight I guess it's possible for you to buy a visa for him, in order to do that you have to be here and find the right person to sponsor your partner.

Good luck!

In Qatar & Muslim countries having sexual intercourses with same sex is illegal.

Here a married man could have sex with his wife who is a woman.

Also, here a married woman could have sex with her husband who is a man.

I don't think it's much of a sarcrifice to be honest.

Most people in general don't like to share their sexuality or relationship in public.

I have friends who are straight and don't like to show affection in public, and I had a gay friend who preferred to keep his preference a secret. (Friends in the UK)

(However just to cover my own as$ :P I do not condone any illegal activity, nor do I suggest breaking the law or imply anything by my words)


I Love Qatar -

Last time I heard that in Dubai the police caught some local gays and at the moment they are being given male horomone, testosterone.

If anyone (homophobic) found it that you are gay, you would be in deep deep trouble.

My honest and sincere advice, dont even think of coming to the middle east if you are gay.

If you are gay and get caught in Qatar get ready for a rectal exam and for some caning/lashing.

Is there any complex relationship involving an Asian male (Indian/Paki) and a western male.... I mean homosexuals from different nationalities?


Sorry but you are only given the hormone if you 'willingly' comply.

(people usually choose that rather than being deported)

But as I said, being Gay in Qatar can make your life a bit difficult and you definately won't be able to be open.


Sorry what do you mean? Gay is Gay.


I Love Qatar -

Mir was fantasizing about inter-racial gay couple. Just the way few like to watch inter-racial with straights. :)


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Yay! Way to go Ray!


Lol alright

OOh rayzz cmon Whats the meaning of watch in the above sentence?

The gays caught in dubai were given two options, hormone therapy or caning.

What do you think they chose?

how about being a lesbian?? hehehe sound funny, its homosexuality but ive heared so mant arab women are in to it..

Don't ask, Don't tell.

Is all ways a good policy.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

Please show me where you have read that.

This is from BBC News

"A police spokesman said the foreigners were likely to be deported, while the Emirati men could be given hormone therapy if they consent. "

I read it in an American Newspaper. I am sorry that I did not kept a cutting of it for reference. Next time I will do that and make a log book for future references.

AFTER some search I managed to find some lashings

sadly youtube is banned in Qatar or else I would have sent you the link of lashings that happened in Saudi Arabia

why is youtube banned in Qatar???

I'm sorry but I don't mean to doubt, but with such serious news, I like to see evidence.

Lashing is a common punishment. I just wanted to point out that the hormone treatment is indeed an option.

Meaning you'll probably get lashed anyway even if you DO choose hormone treatment.

Is YouTube really banned in Qatar???

Since when?

(I haven't been back to Qatar in a while)

I think it's funny it's banned when they have Al Jazeera news all over youtube.

As for Saudi Arabia.

Come on now, you CANNOT compare Qatar, Bahrain, or the UAE to Saudi Arabia, I think you will agree that Qatar is much more liberal and not as strict at all when it comes to comparisons.

i was told by a QL member that youtube is banned in Qatar. I have satellite internet in Qatar so nothing is banned for me

I'm on youtube right now.

good to know :)


I Love Qatar -

checkout the post in which he said that he could not access it as it is blocked

I'm not going to read a whole thread just so you could prove that youtube is blocked (which it's not!)

Tell you what, try accessing youtube yourself. That way you'll know it's not blocked ;-)

He's on satellite so either way he can access it.

Anyway, we've established it's not blocked and that it was a false rumour.


I Love Qatar -

My tube is block. I haven't ate sufficient fiber to digest this thread title being GAY in Doha!!!

I'm just holding my peace of mind instead in expressing my real opinion about the subject. :*

Just enjoy the night and the reading and keep it civil.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

Just been on messenger with my cousin in Doha. He says Youtube is not blocked for him.

edit: odd it's blocked for red_pope. Is it blocked at home or at work? (although I assume you mean home).

Do you get an error message or do you get a 'this website is blocked' message?


I Love Qatar -

Youtube blocked has something to do with being gay in Doha?! RED_POPE is there something you're not teliing us??! :-P

Looks like I've hit a sensitive nerve with that last post!

*goes to RED_POPE's confession booth to apologize*


Bajesus you just hit it right in the nail. Amnesia is so rap up with you tube that he miss read my double talk.......

Bajesus my confession booth will be open tomorrow in the morning.

Apologies for what> I think is hilarious your reply has me laughing.


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

I dont remember i laughed more at RED_POPE's post or amnesia's reply

Bajesus and Rep|_|popes friendship started this last winter with:

It all started with Alcohol issues with Bajesus point of view and mines causing havoc and conflict. I still want him to come and drink Wine with me That is Non-Alcoholic for him and my favorite flask for me.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

ooo ooo

I agree with PM. The only way your spouse can get a visa is if he finds a job here. I also highly doubt that, as a gay couple, you'll have any civil right here …

How important is this job for you? How sure are you it's your dream job? Would you be ready to give up your family harmony (or worse get into serious troubles) for it? is it really, really worth it?

We have Filipino gay friend (Ralph) in KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA and married to (Khaled) Saudi nationality in Las Vegas and working as a senior staff in Aramco. They live below our flat at the same compound. Saudi is very strict Arab country but we've seen it happens there. I asked Ralph and he said Khaled's family is not happy about it but they can't do anything as they are already married and they don't want to betray Khaled so they just accepted him as his wife and treat him like a real woman.

Another thing my husband has various gay colleagues at JIC and KFU (Saudi Arabia). so I doubt that you will have that serious problem here. Qatar is an open country. I agree it's against their Islam's religion, but they don't seems to stick their nose in to other people's business. People do talk and say things although sometimes they just over heard it but haven't experience it themselves.

I found your post intresting, though bit funny (the part where they treat Ralph as a woman :))), however I didn't know that Filipinos had such freedom in gay matters, I always thought of it as a conservative Catholic country....thumbs up for the Filipinos

Please tell me those names have been changed to keep their privacy. LOL

Good post nonetheless!


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Yay! Way to go Ray!


How are you nowadays? For me I hate people giving other peoples disappointment they came and post here obviously expecting a good answers not to get abuse. At least they should have a sympathy especially in this matters.

And speaking of gays in Philippines we do have lots of them and they are happy go lucky type of people. Interesting to hear their opinions as they seems to be happier, contented and peaceful in mind.

hi there, am fine thank you, just returned from my vacation...I have some gay friends but not all of them are happy due to the pressures they are having, the middle east is not the best place to be gay :)))

Me too! just got back from holiday, had a good time but can't be away for a long time without internet nowadays, Arrggghhhh!!!

Strangely enough! our gay friends in Saudi are happy!

My children.

My confession booth is open for services.

Come over and spill your heart.

For the Filipinos:

With so many gorgeous ladies from the Philippines working in Doha.

I still don't understand;

why is so good being gay in the Philippines?To male


Who is the dominant Alpha male?

Should I said:

Who is the dominant Alpha Female?

Must be fun living "La vida loca".....

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

Bobouk, I would suggest you moving out her first and your husband following you on a tourist visa. Once he arrives he can look for work (which I'm sure he'll find) and get the company to sponsor him. You guys should have no problem living together and if anyone asks you're simply roommates.

"I fight with love and I laugh with rage, you have to live light enough to see the humor and long enough to see some change." Ani Difranco

Hi all and thanks a lot for your replies. I have to say I find most of them very useful. I am still considering carefully what to do as the prospect of having to come separately it's kinda upsetting as I fear the idea that my partner might struggle in finding a job there.

I do understand the level of illegality which surrouds the whole issue, however I also find Mystica's comments very refreshing.

I am not looking for a place where I can talk about the fact that I am married to a guy among work colleagues - I don't do that in London. I am not looking for a place to go holding hands. We do not share affections in public. We are very reserved. However we are always together which seems to me not to be an issue as men stick to men in Arab Countries. My fear is only that to have the police searching my flat or something on that tone. As long as I am free to be who I am at home that's all I am looking for. I don't feel like I will hav to compromise at all as long as I can be myself in the privacy of my house (in this I mean a normal family life even it can sound schocking to someone). However this is still an issue I want to look into. So I guess I should not disclose the info to my employer in order to get some help on the visa right ? Even if it's a Western employer... Thanks !

Come to Qatar and bring your boyfriend here as well. If you are unlucky you might get the experience of a lifetime. This is all I can say

The thing is here in Middle East, in my observation no one will just raid or report you, unless your unlucky to bump to some jealous people that are nosy, then it can be a problem to you. otherwise if your a nice person your not likely to bump to those kind of people. Secret? stay sweet and everybody will like you! I have lots of sweet and amusing gay friends. they are fun to talk to and to socialized with! They always amused me and makes me laugh!

Thanks Mystica !!

Just another question., Do you think would that be difficult to get police clearance ? How does the process work ?

I agree with Mystica, you'd have to be very unlucky to be reported. I have many gay friends here and they don't even go to the trouble of hiding it and none of them have been reported.

"I fight with love and I laugh with rage, you have to live light enough to see the humor and long enough to see some change." Ani Difranco

gay friends here too and they are living as normal as surprisingly they could be though of course no PDA in public and still have to be discreet because it's totally different assumption you will get if you are westerner, the same gender and you will hold hands in public. It's not the same acceptance as Indian Nationals holding hands together.


Btw, Mystica, mi amiga, Welcome Back!



"I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of time. To be in company, even with the best, is soon wearisome and dissipating. I love to be alone, I never find a companionable solitude"

WOW! And more confessions in this forum.

As long you don't spill your feathers in public you will OK.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

I believe police clearance has to come from your end! Same thing what we do before we come down here and any part of Middle East, like Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. And when you get here, you have to do your finger printing SOP. Nothing serious just for their records! just don't mention your married to another guy. everything should go smoothly. I can say this because we have friends back where we've been and they don't seem to make a fuss if they bring them over. only problem you have to find someone to sponsor him.

Hi! Gypsy and IOU thanks Amiga! I miss chatting here, seem so quiet without SL! where are you? nye! he! he! he! Did you managed to get your ass kick Buddy? kidding!

Sorry :P I misunderstood because sometimes I guess that someone has broken grammar and try to guess what he or she has meant :P


I Love Qatar -

ooo ooo

There is little doubt that there are gay people who live here and that you’d be seriously unlucky to be reported to the police. But the point is, you guys are married and used to live a normal life as a couple … how much of that are you willing to compromise coming to such a conservative country? Can’t you guys come to Doha together for a short trip, just to visit and get the feeling of the place first? Maybe afterwards it’d be easier to take an educated decision.


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..


Do gay expat in Qatar form any support community or organize any regular gatherings, e.g. hiking, sports, movies, etc?



Answer is no! They just hang out in the bar where there are lots of Blokes or at Hotels Gym. lol! Looking for your friends? joke!

Judge not! that you be not judged!

Hello Mystica,

Noted, yes I definitely would like to meet good friends ...

Happy weekend.


a little progress everyday adds up to big results

I am in exactly the same situation. I have been offered a great job, free housing, car and tax free salary. It all sounds great. I have even told my potential employee of my domestic situation (civil partnership) which I have been told that it is fine. After all, 80% of the country is expats albeit a lot from India and other Middle East countries.

So far so good.

However, when I visited I did find it restrictive - not as bad as say Kuwait but it is a small country. My driver for the day was Indian and kept asking me why I wasn't married (on my first visit I thought it best to just not say anything to anyone except my potential employer). I have to say it became increasingly uncomfortable. I haven't been in this situation for a long time.

It is also one of the first questions I got asked! Qataris are so friendly that they don't think twice about asking this sort of thing.

For my job I would need to network etc and am considering whether we could do this i.e. entertain at home etc, given our situation.

It doesn't help but we are seriously considering whether we could really go back to the 'dark ages' where we couldn't even acknowledge our relationship if asked.

It's good to be able to talk about this as I need to make a decision very shortly.


the reason you can't acknowledge your relationship if asked is because this is a censervative, muslim country in the Middle East. If you do decide to come here then you need to respect the laws of this country ie don't flaunt your sexuality and you'll be fine. There's nothing 'dark age' about that ;-)

He just hides his head in the dirt like an Ostrich once his feathers are rattled in virtue of the truth.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery

None but ourselves can free our minds..

Just noticed it's pengelly not pengfly. Bad eye sight!

Just reading through this thread and, unless I missed someone already making this observation, I wanted to add that I have been using You Tube since the day I arrived in Doha. The ONLY time I couldn't access it was when a friend sent me the link which showed the 'lashings'. I accepted it was the type of 'propaganda' QTel wouldn't want shown.

Joa Joa

Interesting really

My advice is not to come here. Yes, you may be able to get your partner here. Yes, you may be able to live quietly, but if and when things go wrong, you will both suffer. It's not worth the constant worry.

@britexpat, you replied to a thread 8 months old.


Click here for info Qatar's safety, events, costs, pics, and more I♥  <-- (Expat, Tourist, and Local Info)

Stay where you are and do not bring your germs to Doha...

Greetings, well to be honest what you just did, that was absolutely brave, you have my support, carry on with that, remeber positive mind and relax because everything will be just great, I have got many homosexuals friends and in my opinion people are free to choose what ever they want to be, so my friend once again carry on and keep it up, good luck.

Best regards

Have a nice day everyone !!!!!!

"If you`re dreaming a love story let tears tell us about it"


Hey there,

Im a gay man from the UK and Im considering moving out in January.

If you're in a similar situation or you can advice (not abuse) me

Please mail me at

Many thanks

Head choppin is the punishment . Serves em right those sickos.

Hey Mslm Man. You are one crazy sob.

What a crap, gay openly coming to qatar and declaring it. I would sure recommend they should directly take you to life in imprisonment as soon as you land.

and i pray Qatar will never change its view of gays if not to become more restrictive.

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi


Far out. Do come here. Punishment is well in line of man slaughter. They treat it like aids. There is only one way out......

realsomeone- what do you care if he comes here with his partner and continues his relationship in the privacy of his own home? he's not asking you to join him. it's none of your business, nor is it the business of the state, what people do in their own bedrooms.

I actually know a lovely married gay couple here. :)

I just said he should be taken to jail as soon as he lands the doha international airport.

Gypsy it won't be long until they will be brought to the sand.

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

I doubt that realsomeone, given how large the gay community is here.

Oh come on, how do you know how large they are ?

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

Because I know quite a few and I see it everywhere. It's a large, vibrant community here.

first they came for the gays....and i didn't stand up because i didn't like rainbows.

then they came for the lesbians..and i didn't stand up because I assumed they could take care of themselves what with all that plaid.

then they came for the transgendered...and I didn't stand up because i had a hard time tellign who was who in a crowd..

then they came for the bisexuals...and I didn't stand up because they just confuse me.

then they came for me, and there was no one left to stand up.

or something like that.

(yes i realize it's horribe I just messed with a quote about the holocaust. I'm a bad person.)


Indeed there are gays here but i dont agree they are large community...they are just few sick people, why dont the hamad hospital opening gay therapy center if there are large community of this type.

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

Ummm...Have you ever heard of a hospital ANYWHERE in the world with a "gay therapy" center?

Homosexuality is natural, it's not a disease, and there are many people here who are gay.

realsomeone, just think of it as fewer men to compete with for the very few women in this sausage-fest of a country.

It will accomplish one thing. to bring these people to normal life and make them understand the different between male and female.

Gypsy absolutely not, being gay is not natural or normal its the opposite its a violation of human nature. I think i have been soft spoken to have recommended a therapy center for these animals.

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

Ugh, there's no point in talking to someone so blind and stupid.

now you prefer for hard you?

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

would all the young men here who play around with each other because none of the women will be considered temporarily gay?

not sure how it works here but the born again christians who scream the loudest about various sins usually end up being disgraced for sinning at some point.


"Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day." Withnail & I

agreed Gypsy............personally, I don't think it's the homosexuals who need the therapy centre.......

yeah i know other people that need therapy (females leaning towards homosexuals, they will eventually become the counterpart of gays in women).

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

um...wait what? so fag hags become lesbians?

Gypsy, feeling lesbionic yet? I just thought we became FABULOUS WELL ADJUSTED AND ACCEPTING PEOPLE WITH WONDERFUL FRIENDS.

(ps since subtle sarcasm is clearly lost on you I was implying YOU needed to go to therapy realsomeone)

I understood what you were implying...but the majority will agree that the gays and gay leaning females are the real people that needs therapy.

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

Ya Qwertyness, it appears that someday we will become lesbians??? And I thought we were fruit flies!

LOL! No we like beards on clams. :P

I am really sorry if I sound like a prude but frankly all this really makes me feel like puking. I am a very liberal Muslim woman and nothing shocks me but when it comes to Homosexuality, my mind, heart and soul just refuses to accept it. I just prefer not to acknowledge gays and lesbians.. For me they don't exist. For the life of me, I can't understand why would men go after men and women go after women when God has created this beautiful universe and has made women for men and vice versa.. Why do people go against nature? Homosexuality is not just a crime in Islam but also in other religions like Christianity and Judaism.. Infact it is a crime against nature. Check this out

Well if we're going to bring WIKI in to this. :P Homosexuality IS completely natural, it's been observed and documented in every single animal species on Earth.

So for a "crime against nature" it's very natural.

oh please. seriously- how do you feel when you look at a man you're attracted to? how do you feel when you love that man? that's the same with homosexuals. it's not about the package, it's about hte person. and i refuse to believe that god, allah, whatever invisible puppet master you believe in, would ever believe love and companionship is wrong.

rubbish out here.

Poverty is not for the sake of hardship. No, it is there because nothing exists but God. Poverty unlocks the door -- what a blessed key!

- Jalaluddin al-Rumi

why come and contaminate others... gay is every where true but marriage?!....spare islamic world. thats all!



"Born optimist nothing can keep me too low for so long"

Welcome back 3sure-hunk3r, has your first wife found out about your second wife yet? Have you decided on a third?

bobouk stay where u r...realy!



"Born optimist nothing can keep me too low for so long"


This place is more for single gay guys, not married ones. As you'd expect, the GCC is teeming with fags.

This isn't just because of all of the airlines that house their cabin crew here, but mostly because the culture here encourages homosexuality.

This is a culture where men must stay away from women and are instead spend all their time with other men, in the majlis, in the cinema, in the restaurants, and on the car seats.

All the clubs and bars are full of guys too!

On top of all that, the government does all it can to restrict the number of women who can even enter the country, which serves only to discourage heterosexual guys from coming and encourages gay guys!

The place is full of gay guys - I know heaps here. You'll find heaps of gay guys to hang around with.

First off this post is from 2007, second. The next question was similar to the 2007 post.

Personal opinion and belief aside (which is really hard to do)... Don't come out here. You get caught somehow and its not going to be pretty. You will be looking at jail and eventual deportation with a perma-ban on re entry to the country.

Homosexuality may be widespread like some claim but it does not have widespread acceptance.

If a Muslim woman and Christian man can have their wedding (from another country) annulled here then how about you? Think about it before you hop on that plane.

Hopefully that is an "objective opinion."


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

Only cure is stoning.....No cure. Its not a disease.. Just a birth defect

I have a gay friend who moved to Qatar two months ago and that's what he said " Although I used to live in "downtown vancouver /davie street" which is supposedly a gay street for the gay community with rainbow flags everywhere, I've met so many gays in my life as in Qatar. Man they are everywhere and from all nationalities. I think it's because of that fact that "men are always with men" and sex before marriage is illigal . It was shocking for me. I even met some gays who are so feminine working with very high positions.

so Jalaluddin al Rumi , yes they are a lot just as saudi arabia where I met more gays than straight people . I am not gay myself but I understand and accept the fact that they are a lot . MAN ,Wake up, all fashion designers, interior desingners ,even graphic designers,All cabin crew in airlines, most artists, makeup artists, mose people working in Sales espacially comming from Lebanon, are gay .

I suggest , u come here first . establish urself and then ur partner follows u . once he comes here , he will find a job . keep ur embassy number handy incase of emergency . Man , two couples had sex in public in dubai and they were released because they are british. so u will be fine .

If you can get him sponsored, I don't see any issues with living a private gay life. I've witnessed it for over a year personally.

I don't understand why some people are "homo"-phobic.

Some say it's wrong coz GOD made ADAM & EVE and not ADAM & EVE & STEVE/DAVE/whatever...take note...there's a 3rd character: THE SNAKE (joke)

A point to ponder...why is it considered bad to be gay? when philandering, bigamy, adultery are also immoral and sinful? Is it a case of "looking the other way"?

Geez...lebyvr is right, most of these 3rd gender folks are much more successful than anyone heterosexual person around...IMHO

away for a couple of days... but gypsys...i havent seen you yet so not yet for the 3rd one...



"Born optimist nothing can keep me too low for so long"

i do hope u dont pass judgement.

If god created everything he created Gay Men and Women. If this is wrong then you are saying god is wrong.

Think on that for a while.

Coem here only if you don't have any alternate job opporunities. And if you come,be discrete about your relationship. You would be fine. I know a few friends who r gays in Qatar and there are many more.

Cheer up!

Life is Beautiful...Indeed!

Guys this post is 2 years old!!

maybe they're bored or something :-D

This is an interesting thread.Lets keep it going :)

Life is Beautiful...Indeed!

there's no problem if u come Qatar and live here.and bring ur partner im sure ur old enough to avoid unnessisary action specially in's not good specially for arab people.but ur almost welcome here!


yeah! welcome to Qatar!

Just stay away from "homo"-phobics" and everything will be just great!

...A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Anyone know the meaning of pevert? Transgender and bisexual is all bullshit? Want to bring in some sanity into this condition???? Really...Plain and simple pevert!

.. lol

fieldgold I hope you get caught. You are best to be careful lest you get set up and someone fakes a meeting and gets you thrown in jail.

There are observers and fakes here on QL thanks to some idiots who insulted the Amir.

keep it up moron.


Brazilian Jujitsu in Qatar

it is dated 2007

geez move to more interesting topics please

That is soooo bad! :-D

better give an ad in newspaper am sure you will find thousand out at your door knocking.

She read my profile? So she's looking for a female? Hmmm, should I take her up on it? She sounds so sweet...



I read your profile today in ( and it was so good to me.i feel you are the only one missing in my entire life so i decided to stop on it and let you know that i am interested to be a friend first.i also believe that coming to you will be a probabilty of meeting that very love that has been lacking in my entire life. please contact me with this e-mail address ( i am a girl with respect and responsible,i respect people also and believe if you contact me,i will give you a full introduction of my self okay. i hope to hear from you soon. cares for my future love miss XXXXXXXXXXX..........

go for her a sure she will be happy with you

Of course she will be happy with me... I'm the only thing missing in her entire life. Awwww, so sweet :-)

Try not to be jealous Da :-P

lol no just send me the footage

plenty of gays here..



Nothing is more relaxing than flying like an Eagle in Heaven !!

that really sucks man! no need to tell all Qatar about ur life. dont lose ur wierd marriage. better. stay away from here :)

It is not illegal to hold another mans hand and walk with on the Corniches or in the Souq Area?

Why do Asian (mostly from sub continent) are itching the balls with one hand while holding the hand of another male with the other?

Any explanations?



this thread is ghey

Jut Jut

"we do not hold hands nor share affections in public."

Oh thats only a problem if it's with a woman.

I've never had any problems..


realsomeone you are the true picture of a narrow minded ignorant bloke. Sexuality is not a choice for some. If it were a choice you'd be gay. Try doing some reading, it might help you.

My parents asked me if I am gay

I said, "Does it matter?"

They said, "No, not really."

I told them, "Yes."

They said, "Get out of our lives."

I guess it mattered.

My boss asked me if I am gay.

I said, "Does it matter?"

He said, "No, not really."

I told him, "Yes."

He said, "You're fired, faggot."

I guess it mattered.

My friend asked me if I am gay.

I said, "Does it matter?"

He said, "No, not really."

I told him, "Yes."

He said, "Don't call me your friend."

I guess it mattered.

My partner asked, "Do you love me?"

I said, "Does it matter?"

He said, "Yes."

I told him, "I love you."

He said, "Let me hold you in my arms."

For the first time in my life something matters.

My God asked, "Do you love yourself?"

I said, "Does it matter?"

He said, "Yes."

I asked, "How can I love myself? I am gay."

He said, "That's the way I made you."

Nothing again will ever matter.

naughty,what you wrote is sooooo NAUGHTY.


smartflower , they are doing it anyway.

don't come to this country .... shame on u

I thought God made adam and eve not adam and bobouk!!

i dont think it would be a problem being gay anywhere in the world,here in qatar and other gcc country for as long as you are not too bold about it,it wont be...and i guess you can sponsor ur partner since you both have the same sex,i remember my then boyfriend now husband couldnt get me a visit visa for we are not married yet i was in dubai then so i took a hotel visa for 15 days for a visit and cost me around 750 DHS for the visa and hotel reservation which i did'nt use and cancel afterwards.... so there!


..bRe@k d' rUlE$,fInD uR fReEd0m,LiVe Ur LiFe..

adam and eve not adam & steve

You have no rights of any kind as a gay/homosexual in Qatar.

You cannnot sponsor your partner, he would have to get his own sponsor.

Do gays have relationships here in Qatar? Yes. But the consequences of getting caught (usually being ratted out by a vindictive or offended neighbour or co-worker) can be severe.

Youtube is available in Qatar.

Signature line > "You can't fix stupid"

Jut Jut

Humm upon a little pondering I've decided not only do I not care if someone's gay or not (as long as you understand I am NOT gay, never will be, never want to be, and no I'm not even curious so back off if I say, "sorry, no thanks"), I would probably enjoy life more if more men became gay.

Hear me out on this, if a man is gay then they are not interested in women. If they are not interested in women that's one less guy to compete with, increasing our chances of finding a partner, therefore it's a bonus for hetrosexuals.

Of course this line of thinking backfires if more women turn gay or if bisexuals enter the mix (just make up your mind dammit!)

Do it somewhere else not here. But sorry to say, why go for ass hole when women are just right.

I wish i can married to my girlfriend.. many lez Qataris girls wish that

i salute your brevity... welcome to Doha

...listen to the sound of silence....

Ok this thread is 3 years old.



hehehe yeah but im wondering , what happened to that man , did he bring his husband to qatar?!!??! :P

as im thinking of it , in qatar too many men share the same room with men , and likewise for women ,so i guess this is the perfect habitat for a married gay couple incognito, no one will ever suspect anything :)


I'm Jack's complete lack of surprise

they wont know it haha even if you live on the same house haha.

am looking for my partner as well LOL!

So now theres is a girl who wants to marry a girl. What do we call that


Nice one Samia

Lets not be hypocrites...we see gays everywhere, but just look the other way and pretend ...

the only difference in this situation is that not everyone comes out to politely and honestly ask advice like Bobouk....So why is there so much storm in a little tea cup for asking a sincere question? why raise dust now... Im not encouraging or discouraging anyone(who am i to make choices for another person). Come to think of it.What would you do if you found out the person asking for advice was your best friend or blood brother or son? yes wat would you do?....

Me? i would be liberal..


can i be your BAZOOKA!!!

How many kids you have got ^_^

you should leave tis countery so to countinue you married life

Not all are blocked but some videos that are offensive and seems unacceptable to Qatari norms and behaviors are blocked.

in Doha?

Homosexuality is everywhere in Doha, but people like to pretend that it isn't happening. You may be able to get a visa for your husband as a domestic servant, like a nanny or maid. You may even be able to convince your sponsoring company to sponsor him as a sort of part-time "consultant" or something similar.

As for living here, two men holding hands in public is very common here, so that wouldn't be a problem. As long as you keep up a public appearance of being colleagues and roommates and friends, what happens behind doors is generally going to be your business.

Good luck to you.

ever check topic dates????

What else is new...hehehehe

every one likes to discuss about gay and islam but no one wants to discuss about lesbians and then religion

and it's a HOT topic since...

I found some online lesbo's and meeting them tonight in the Ramada car park will update you later!


Can We Fix It?

Yes We Can! finally Darudes eternal search for Lesbos will come to an end!

Is it french and homosexual week now?

but I think it's better than those topics why Filipinos use "sir" and "ma'am" in every

Wait for it azi, the Filipino week will come back into rotation sooner or later.

It's inevitable. Indian week, pakistan week, westerner week, religion week, asian week, arab week - all these keep rotating in here.

what a disgusting subject !

UkEng which time are they coming? :P:P .

there are many people in it, but privately

Excuse me for the confusion it was suppose to be Lebos, i.e as in Lebanese. Sorry DaRuDe if your hopes were raised for a while..:)

So I am going to have some hot and soft date's and a shisha tonight with lovely Lebos friends some where near Ramada.. That all I can say.


Can We Fix It?

Yes We Can!

Lesbian Lebanese - tch tch tch now Darude's imagination will go into overdrive.

What is Lebos?

Fact of life. Thats one defect in gods creation.

This makes me very sad... Love is love, gay or straight. To be forbidden to love is so incredibly sad.

the 'Gay' disease is undoubtedly's all in the mind...and on top of that, multitudes advocating gay rights, adding fuel to this perverted phenomenon... disgusting!!!

hell, they even want gay 'marriages' and gay 'bishops' to be legalised these days !! pathetic !!

The question is, are you willing to be normal? or you can continue to be an adamant freak for the rest of your lives.

I am not gay, but since I comfortable with my own sexuality I do not have problem with other people being gay. Why care? More gay men is less competition for the rest of us. For all of the haters, how do two people loving each other threaten you (unless you think they can/will convert you)? Many of you seem to be trying awfully hard to prove your heterosexual credentials. For those of you who find it so disgusting, perhaps you should be asking yourself why you find yourself spending so much time thinking about it. Quite frankly, I don't spend my time thinking about such things, but then I am not gay.

As other have said, this place is full of homosexuals, because the culture fosters it by keeping males and females so segregated. They are, however, deeply closeted, because homosexuality is not widely accepted.

Why voluntarily come to a country in which you will be discriminated against and persecuted? Best to stay in one of the countries that accepts you.

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

hey i am moving to qatar and would like to know where gay men hang around... anyone knows?

Initially, a smaller jail and then a quick trial and if lucky then the deportation jail and then in the plane.

If unlucky then lashes and some jail period of 3-12 months and then the deportations jail and then the plane is what we heard and know about.

If i was you, i won't dream of such hang out....

@ mtqatar - behind bars.

they try to exterminate gays here in qatar.. dont they want to have competitors? lol

it's weird. Everywhere i go, i see guys sort of checking me out. I am not sure if they are gay or what? I am new here, but it feels strange that guys stare at me. Sometimes they look twice, other times just stare. Is this supposed to be a gay sign in Qatar or something...

Gay marriage is also allowed in Portugal. Portugal has one of the most advanced laws in the world when it comes to gay marriage. However, the adoption of children by gay couples is not yet permitted.I'm not gay, but I respect the sexual orientation of each one.

Can you tell how can I find some job opportunities in Qatar? I'm a teacher.

Thank you!