Best bank in Qatar?

Greetings everybody.

I will like to see if someone can help me, I want to know which is the best bank in Qatar for opening a personal bank account.

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Thanks casanova, I allready got a bank account with HSBC in London.

Best regards.

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Even i have one back home...

really ...worlds local bank..

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

Martin Luther King.

but i have heard they'd open u account only if u want to make a salary transfer...

GK, u have see what exactly u want from ur bank, what's ue requirements and what's important to u?

the min balance? branch near ur house? good internet/phone banking? product range (apart from standard debit and credit card stuff)? interest rate on ur savings and deposits? investment products? best customer service?

nobody can really give u a proper answer if u will come and ask which bank is the best in here :o)

If you're looking for a problem, you're probably gonna find one.

Greetings irrysa, well you are right, that`s true.

"If you`re dreaming a love story let tears tell us about it"

Well Doha Bank, i would recommend as the best bank for opening a savings account.

they hold lucky weekly, monthly and yearly draws on savings account and you never know, you will become a millionare on day. apart from this, i think they offer a lot of e-services which will help you manage and operate your account the way you want.


the best bank in qatar is cbq (Commercial Bank Qatar)

coz very quick service very comfortable

alot of branch in all over qatar and gulf

the main think i observed that they r very honest in their duties

i love cbq since 8years

i am there customer

Ok, thanks everybody that was very kind from all of you.

Best regards.

Nice weekend !

"If you`re dreaming a love story let tears tell us about it"

Good to read the positive comments about most banks. Sort of revives my confidence in the banks here.

I went to one and talked to the 'customer relationship officer' about opening an account and to each one of my question, he had to guess an answer :)

any how, i guess only experience will tell.


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Hi Casanova, I'm sorry to disappoint you with this,

HSBC is just like any other bank in Doha, and it's even worse because they charge for every thing.

Don't be amused by this word (The World's Local Bank), they are right in it's local, but it's not universal.

you can ask them about something to do with another HSBC world wide, they will tell you: sorry, there is no networks between our banks in the world, so it's just local bank.

I'm telling you this, since I'm dealing with five different bank in Qatar, and HSBC was even lower level than others, it's just a big name, the only good thing about them, that they provide you parking in the main branch in Banks street.

I think Doha, Almashreq, and the commercial banks are better options.

Best regards

And to be fair with HSBC as well.

If you might ask wy I'm dealing with them, here is the answer:

I don't like banks visits, HSBC provides a good internet banking service, so I can do most of my stuff online from the office, and it's really secure.

if this is a big issue for you, then HSBC is a good choice, but if you like it because it's international, i ell you it's not, it's just local bank, with no relationships between HSBC's in the world.


Don’t know about you, but once I had some problem with my debit card and I was back in my home town, I went to one of their branches in the city, they treated me well and problem was solved…

I prefer to use debit card more than credit cards, so when ever I’m traveling, I can use HSBC ATMs for transactions without any extra charges…

Do Mashriq, Doha, QNB and other local banks provide such facilities???

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

Martin Luther King.

I don't like HSBC. Their branches close at 13:00, at least the Salam Tower branch does.

The CBQ is better, they open until 21:00 and they position their branches in the shopping malls, very convenient.

Unless you have masochistic tendencies I wouldn't bank with HSBC...



can you explain Oryx... why???

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

Martin Luther King.

A sample of their awful service:

long queues

no parking

random frequent incorrect banking charges (this has happened so many times)

bad opening hours

go to IBQ or QNB

I usually use Grand Hamad branch, they are providing parking in the building at the back of the Bank.

never waits in queues, since having status account

the branch is working from 7:00am to 8:00pm

but its all about my experience about the bank, coz I’m new to this country, you may have a better Idea.

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

Martin Luther King.

HSBC are bollaks

QNB are unprofessional - my mortgage agent doesn't even have a company e-mail account and contacts me by ferkin hotmail!

Write down all the names, close your eyes, stick a pin in the list. You're gonna get fcuked whatever you do

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Al Ahli bank :D lol, I have an account there since last 4 years and i have 25 dirhams in it :P... it was 12 riyals 4 years ago :(


My account is with QNB a.k.a. Quite Nasty Bank

see thexonic, any other bank would charge u for not keeping min balance, and Ahli Bank paid u interest! LOL!

ok guys, here's my 2cents:

in my opinion and from my own experience, the best bank is where u have some friends to take good care of u. at least in this country..

If you're looking for a problem, you're probably gonna find one.

ah its all about handling money your money. if you are good at it in controlling then every bank is the best.




Hi, I am with commercial bank and have been very impressed with their service. good e savings options and interest rates, good air points rewards programmes with credit cards and easy internet transfers overseas. Good luck its always a mission getting things sorted (oh and you get a free i pod touch if you open an account at the moment).

yup, ive been banking in this bank for 14 yrs, and ive got a lot of bad experiences, thats why even those in the highter ups of the management, i came to see them face to face. i can be a living proof to their bad customer relations...

never go to standard chartered

choosing the best bank according to our own personal needs perhaps the best....

determine which top service you are wanting from the range of services majority of those banks are offering...

then that would be the best bank fitted for you.

Every bank has its uniqueness in terms of customer service satisfactions...

Hey all im new to the site and am just getting ready to move to Doha this month. Is it true that i cant get an account with most banks until i have my residencey? Also i have heard rumors of credit cards with intrest rates as low as 2% is this true?

not exactly Bax...

if you'll be introduce by a company to which you'll have to work with, u can open an account immediately.

but if you'll come as a walk in client, surely... the bank will have to ask for your identity, they would require you of such residency card ID.

as suggestion, better you come along with a referal from a company employees who had been negotiating previously with the bank you wanted to open such account.

Graeme - do you use Commercial bank for money transfers to home? any issues? (I note your a MD, is this in DOHA, whats the music/performing arts scene like?)

there is no such thing in qatar like "the best bank".. they are all "the worst" ones.

If the customer service rep, while giving the info on your credit card, is not able to differ “amount due” and “minimum payment”; has no idea what "due date" is ...cannot tell you what the “balance on credit card as of today” is, keeps giving you an AVAILABLE balance instead.. etc.... so...what kind of level of service we are talking about??

What kind of interest rates banks in Doha are offering you guys? 5% or even more? I'll soon be opening a bank account also there and it seems to be a tricky thing to choose a proper bank. What I need is decent interest rates, e-banking and debit/credit cards to be used when travelling in Asia.

jjh jjh

HSBC or Commercial Bank.

anyone banking with al khaliji? heard they're new.

I recommend Al Khaliji :) I work there

Does anyone know if santander have a branch in Doha yet???

Commercial Bank is giving me 4.09% pa. I know IBQ could give me 5% pa but this interest rate is for 3 month only.

I would like to know other banks' interest rates too.


Does anyone know of a bank with interest higher than 4.09% (not an introduction rate)?


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HSBC Grand Hamad St. Opening Hours:

7.30am to 1.00pm & 3.00pm to 8.00pm


Multi-story parking complex behind the bank, opposit to Masraf Al Rayyan

Whatever you do, don't ever go to Doha Bank!!! The service is terrible, good thin I didn't have an account with them, they're so stupid, you have to get a number and fall in a long line just to get an application form, we went to the next bank, and only a teaboy gave us forms and finished... this is in ras laffan, their worst employee is a filipino named Anthony, he's very stupid, we asked some questions and he has no idea what to answer. they also charge a lot if you get liability letters if you have a loan, Qr. 1000 for a piece of paper. wow!!! so beware!!!

I have had nothing but good experience with Doha Bank. For the best customer service in the world visit the Dukhan branch. BTW, I transferred money from my Doha Bank account to my UK LLoyds TSB account the other day and it reached UK bank account the same day after 3 hours!!!

I like al khaliji. Customer service is good and the interest rate for structured deposit is the highest in qatar!

Even by mistake, never choose QNB (Qatar National Bank) The worst in benefits, worst in facilities, and worst in customer service. Even the bank managers do not care. Personal experience along with many associates

I need your opinion regarding opening a savings account for my cousin.. He already filled up the form and he want me to submit it to Doha Bank near to my office. Is it  possible that the Bank will accpet his application? please need your opinion inorder not to waste my time in goin there... Please share me also what are other requirements needed. What i have here is the form of Personal Saving account and copy of his iqama..  Please help....

your info are all good. gives me more ideas in dealing with banks in doha.


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