I'm a Filipino and I've been here in Qatar for a month now, and I have asked other nurses I've met about the Data flow requirements. I already visited the site of SCH and I've seen these requirements:

1. Applicaiton form duly filled in its entirety
2. Signed letter of Authorization
3. Valid Passport Copies
4. Name Change certificate, if applicable (Marriage cert, affidavit, any legal doc)
5. Degree certificate copies (copy of orig cert & translated copy)
6. Mark sheet for the final year (all year mark sheets for applicants who have studied in india)
7. Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV) for applicants who have studied in Philippines
8. Copy of the backside on the degree certificate (for applicants having Afhan, Egyp, Pakistani cert)
9. Experience letters from previous employers for the last five years
10. Medical / Nursing license copy (front and back)
11. Renewal document (if applicable)
12. Payment receipt copy

I've already completed everythig, except for some documents that I'm not sure of....So, the questions are:
- Degree certificates - is this diploma?
-Mark sheet for the final year - is this TOR?
- CAV - Is this from PRC - the Cert of Good Standing? Should it be sent to SCH directly from the PRC?
-Exp from previous employers - i believe this is my Cert of Employment? Should it be notarized?
- Medical/ Nursing license - I believe this is my PRC license correcT?
- Payment receipt copy - where should i pay? what bank ?

And lastly, should all documents be red ribboned before I pass them?

Thanks! I hope to hear from anyone soon..



additional infos! for faster release of your dataflow, its better that your employer(if you had) would process your dataflow because they already know what are the basic requirements needed to apply in sch, like i did. i got my dataflow certificate within 20days. hoping mkhanap kren agad ng work ng job here... gud luck!


good for you... i am also waiting for my license to be approve and likewise to your idea, i also want a part time job while waiting but unfortunately i cant find. its better to enjoy each day as a rest before we start on our work... by d way, may i know where hospital youll gonna work?

Princess of Persia

im still just applying to health centers here coz i prefer working on day shifts only. hihi. how about you? do you already have an employer?


yes ma'am but unfortunately with low offer as 3000qr monthly... need to sacrifice just to have experience here in abroad. . . so whats your status now? need a long string of patience here in applying jobs locally.. gastos sa pamasahe..hehe T_T


thank you for your concern sir mohammed! i will call you if i need some help...


Please stick to English in the main forum.

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additional info, your employment certificates should be attested also

Princess of Persia

are you still in pinas? or are u here na sa doha? coz i'm planning to work na sa health center pero if there's a hospital out here na nag ha hire, then id be happy to apply. but i sent my resumes to all the hosps here but mostly private health centers lang tumatawag for interviews...... maybe if you know any hospital who's hiring now, can you tell me? hihi.. thanks! :)


try to submit resume in hr department of hamad med... theyr stil find nurses abroad for alwakra hospital and primary health care in al khor...



do every applying nurse in qatar need to undergo dataflow? say like for example, if school nurse or company nurse? salamat po


can somebody help me clarify some questions? I am presently here in Doha on a 6 months family visit visa. i am schedule to take my prometric exam this July 8. questions are;
1. will i be able to apply for a data flow even if i have not yet take the exam?
2. if ever i can, where will i be able to pay for the application of my data flow here in qatar?
3. what are the documents needed to file for the data flow? is it necessary that had to be red ribboned?
4. and do i have to bring the documents hand carried to the SCH to file for the data flow?

thank you!


im currently here in doha for 1 wk now. most of the jobs posted need with dataflow and prometric since i am new, i want to know if i can process this things without an employer? from where you can get the letter of authorization from the listed requirements? thanks!


kabayan good day, just wanted to ask do i need to process the data flow be for i look for a job here in doha or do it after i get a job na? im new here in doha and i really dont know how things work here. appreciate the help. thank you


hello I just completed my dataflow verification and I paid 600QR. I am applying online now for evaluation and it says 100 QR for request fees and 600 QR for verification fees. Is this the same 600QR that I paid for verification for dataflow or I need to pay again 600+100 for evaluation? Because according to SCH website for evaluation payment is only 100QR. Tnx!

mohammed riyaz

No need to pay again, you paid already, pay manual in online for Evaluation, go SCH & pay 100 QR show receipt of payment for data flow, I done same. any help call me on 55481347


hey guys, i would like to ask u if i can still work in qatar even though i failed the verification of data flow in abu dhabi. this is how it begins, through my efforts to start working as early as possible, i planned to falsify my working experience. however, i was not supported by someone i've been dealing with. my docs have been verified and d data flow discovered it. my concern was, can i pursue my nursing career? i've heard that data flow is serving almost 150 countries globally.
give me response guys.:)
I've never felt this stress before. it hurts me so much. it's just that i cn't figure out wat to do next. help me out. thank u.

Jayson Tan

what if your Dataflow is rejected.... what I will do?

Jayson Tan

this is also my concern about Dataflow.... please help me also.... my Dataflow is rejected because of lack of experience..... what should I do now?


hello.I also applied for the data flow and evaluation and I've already paid for it. The problem is I already submitted my application for evaluation online without the receipts attached,where can I possibly send the receipts for the completion of my documents?


I applied for dataflow/verification, how many days do i need to wait for the result? someone told me that i should wait for 1 that possible? and how many days to wait for my visa after my dataflow result? Need someone to answer my queries pls.. thanm u so much and God bless!


Ur dataflow result took only 20days?? how lucky u are.. In maximum,how mny days do i nees to wait for the result of my dataflow?because i applied through online laat dec 30,2011 and then they let me sign the dataflow sheet last january 10, 2013.. im going crazy wiring for that result. is it possible that it would take 1 month for my result?thanks for the response


My friend, how many years is your experience?.. It will not be rejected it will just not be completed.. They really call from where you've been working before to clarify your status..


Im planning to have my exam here in the Philippines before end of this month (February), if ever I failed the exam can I retake it, when?
If ever I passed what are the documents needed so that I can apply to any hospitals in Qatar? Can someone give me the idea reagarding Data Flow? Can i process it even if I have no employer yet.

Thank you.


Good day! Just want to ask about dataflow/verification. I applied for dataflow. I'm here in Philippines, waiting for the result. How many days do i need to wait for the result of my dataflow? What documents i should prepare for applying? I was ex-saudi and i'm a nurse there. Did they need Certificate of Good Standing from Saudi Council? Because I just got my Non-Objection Certificate, Certificate of Employment and the arabic form from MOH. Is that possible that the result of my dataflow will be positive?? thank you and God bless!


When did you applied for dataflow? any news about ur application? did you received the result now?


I would like to ask I didn't receive any result of dataflow. They only emailed me that it is already completed. I also applied for evaluation as Nurse trainee, since it was rejected before to be a General scope nurse. I didn't meet the minimum requirement for work experience. One more question, should I need to arrange the CGS at PRC since I already submitted my application for evaluation?


is there any certificate to be recieve aftre dataflow was completed?


kabayan tanong lang po ano ang unang kailngan gawin pagaapply ng nursing license dito sa qatar pa 2 weeks ko na po ito on visit visa... i heared about prometric exam, dataflow and sch.. gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano uunahin ko sa mga it at papano ako magaapply.. thnks po..


hi.i just got my verification only says completed..but what i need is my evaluation can i have that..the lady from the counter keeps saying online..i don't understand her..


Please help me with this, Can i pass the dataflow form that i filled up by just writing the infos or it should be really 'TYPED" because you cannot edit a PDF File if you dont have a PDF converter. I am planning to pass my dataflow requirements tomorrow.


Thank you so much for your help, i was the one who called you earlier.. Its a very big help! THANK YOU!


you need acrobat to edit your pdf file, if none, you can print it out then fill out and scan. Upload it. every applications are online.


all applications are online?what do you mean?do you have already an employer before you apply for dataflow?? because as far as i know if you don't have an employer, you should do it manually by filling up the form and then give it manually to SCH window 14. I heard about that online thing but i don't have enough info about it. please, if you can help me, I would be very thankful. I might even treat you for lunch or dinner. :D

Ralph Domenec


This is what happened to my processing. I applied and payed online. I Submitted my online application without printing-out my receipt. Also, I didn't receive any email confirming my online payment. After submitting my application, I went to the hospital where I was applying. They asked for the receipt. On the following business day, I went to SCH to inquire the matter, Ms. Samah from counter 14, told me to manually process my dataflow. She asked me to submit papers/ documents needed for dataflow, then that's the time, I can have my receipt.

I manually processed my dataflow, submitted the papers to MS. Samah then she issued the receipt.

Ralph Domenec

Online and-or Manual Application, both need an employer so that your application will be processed. I was told by Ms. Samah that Online application is for the Evaluation process by dataflow group while the manual application is for the dataflow for the SCH. You need to process both, that's what Ms. Samah told me to do.


hello everyone,if at all we get any negative result from data flow process can we apply again for re-verification. is there any second chance for applying again.kindly let me know...

Ralph Domenec


yes! you can re-apply. I would suggest, you send first an email to dataflowgroup or go directly to sch, ask them the reasons why your first application was rejected. So that you can work-out the things you need to improve.


very thanq for the reply...actually i'm doing with my data flow process,30 working days completed but my employment verification is still pending.
what happened is unknowingly there is a mistake in my experience letter in which my doctor designation is printed wrongly,i completed all my HR and attestation stamps so, as it is i applied for the data flow.because of this reason my application gets rejected? if so happened can i correct the experience letter and re-apply by paying evaluation fee.

Ralph Domenec

it is a good thing that your were able to verify the reasons. i would suggest to send an email to dataflowgroup if they can do re-evaluation on your application without making another payment. Inform them that you just had the correct documents after you gave submitted the application. Send them the copy of the old documents and the new documents. For further info you can call me. Message me privately so that I can give you my number then I can help you directly.

Ralph Domenec

worst scenarios:

1. you can apply for an appeal...possible new payment for this process.

2. apply for another evaluation, with the new and correct documents this case, you really need to pay another fees for the new evaluation.


pwede bang mgapply kahit underboard sa pinas. or is it required na may PRC liscence ka sa pinas. salamat.


hi! im just curious, panu kung yung una mong work exp. is fake just for the sake na makapagwork ka sa saudi and then nkapagwork ka nmn sa saudi for two years.. after two years, umuwe ka dito sa pinas and you had a job sa clinic.. and then natanggap ka sa isang hosp jan sa qatar.. and yung agency explained to you na kelangan ng data flow..

as in lahat po ng napagworkan mo tatawagan nila to validate na nagwork ka tlga duon? what if nalaman nila na fake yung first experience mo pero yung sa saudi and present job is valid naman.. papanu yun?


boss, are they really calling your work experience one by one? coz one of my hospital experiences in my resume, actually was a volunteer experience only, my previous agency advised me to falsify it and make it a working experience, im also an ex saudi. i got no problems with my other COEs coz they are actually real. in this case, do u think they will call the hospital just to verify? pls help.

Ralph Domenec

yes! dataflowgroup, which is based in Dubai will call all your previous employers to verify the authenticity of your documents.

I would suggest, make sure, you will submit the correct documents with the correct information.

It will not matter if you will submit 1 fake document and the rest are correct and valid. Once, they found out, you submitted 1 fake document. They will automatically, reject your evaluation application and they will ban you for lifetime.

Private message me if you have further clarifications.


I receive a email from dataflow and they are telling that my papers are verified.what to do next? do i need to go sch to ask for a cert?what is the next step for this?pls help..


hi!just want to ask..i already completed my requirements for data flow kulang nlng is ung payment,where can i pay?should i use a credit card or just pay in cash?i tried to call the supreme council but no one entertained my inquiries. hope someone could help :/


hi there.. im a filipino registered nurse. im planning to go there mid August (next week) thru visit visa. i just want to clarify some things. i already passed the prometric exam but i dont have an employer yet. my only concern is the data flow. can i process it even im still here in the phils? ur reply will surely be appreciated.. thank u so much


hi there.. im a filipino registered nurse. im planning to go there mid August (next week) thru visit visa. i just want to clarify some things. i already passed the prometric exam but i dont have an employer yet. my only concern is the data flow. can i process it even im still here in the phils? ur reply will surely be appreciated.. thank u so much

Read more:


@gaille05 r u still working in qatar? do u have any suggestions what are the hospitals i can apply for? can i go there (HR) as walk in applicant? thank u. hoping for ur reply..


Im still looking for clinics whos accepting a nurse trainee. Coz i only have 1year experience as a nurse. Do u have any suggestion where can i apply? Need help kabayan... thanks


hi candycrush.. im still here in the phils.. wed flight ko.. what's ur visa? im also gonna try my luck there.. i'll start from scratch but i have almost 5yrs of exp na..


hello.i just want to ask,is there any gap requirements in applying dataflow.i have gap working experience of 8 months and the agency told me that it could take longer to finish my dataflow because of my 8 months it true??/pls i need help.


hello there.i wana ask do you dataflow already?


hello ninja_assassin.i just want to ask if there's any gap requirements in applying dataflow.because my agency told me that the dataflow processing would take longer if you have more than 6 months gap experience?is it true?pls need your help,thank you.


Can anybody help me? Im here in philippines but im planning to go to qatar this 1st week of sept this year.i passed already the prometrics for qatar. Im planning to apply for my data flow when im in question is, how many years of your experience required so that you will pass and have a license in qatar..thanks in advance for reply...


Hi guys. Just 2 quick questions. I have more than 2 years work experience here in Qatar as site nurse but without license...will that be credited if I submit my documents for Dataflow? and My COE in the Philippines is not notarized nor red ribboned. Should I red ribbon it first before sending for dataflow? Thanks.


i had my papers verified by the dataflow group last July 24, 2013.. according to the dataflow group, the Application has been processed and report has been submitted to Ministry of Health, Qatar. and now im just waiting for the evaluation result from the SCH, how long it will take for them to send the result of my verification / evaluation. im still here in the Philippines and my agency said i just have to wait, I will be receiving an email from SCH that my evaluation is finished.. how may working days will it take?

im looking forward for your feedbacks.. thank you very much! have a nice day! =)


i am now completing all my requirements for data flow..i applied my PRC ID, board cert., board passing, board rating, college and high school diploma, TOR and my form 137. I am now working for the authentication of my 2 copies of NBI and my COE. i already have my application form, letter of authorization. do i have still things needed?i am going to apply data flow manually.please help me guys i really do not know what i should do next..thank you..


Hi there. My evaluation status is still under processing under sch. I already had my certificate of good standing rushed so that it'll be completed immediately. I just want to ask where could I follow up (if by email is possible) if my certificate of good standing has arrived? It has been a week since I requested it from my home country.


hi guys i am an ex-KSA employee, now on the process of data verification on Hamad, i'd like to ask the process if possible. do i have to prepare all the documents first before paying the necessary fee? what about the certificate of good standing from saudi council? please help


hi. I would just like to ask how did you know that your dataflow is rejected? What does it say on your certificate?Because I've emailed that dataflow and they've said that dataflow is never rejected only the evaluation which happens in the supreme council of health. are you able to work here or have you tried to submit another set of dataflow?


Hi im also an ex saudi how did you apply in hamad? Coz im currently here in doha got a job in a private clinic and fortunately had my license also. If given a chance I want to apply in hamad but dunno how to get things started. Thanks!


Hi migee13, I would like to ask for help. How do you process your data flow? Is there a need for an offer letter from employer? Pls help. Thanks.


hi po, mga kabayan need po help. what if fake yung employement certifcate? ano po mangyayari if malaman ng data flow? kasi ang sakin dinagdagan ko yung years of experience ko. need ko po info. thank you..


Hi guys. I also have a big issue about my experience. I have a total of 5 years here in the Philippines and 2 years in Saudi Arabia. Problem is, I was not able to get my Saudi council license and cert of good standing. Though i was given a cert of employment but i know that it's not enough. So here's my question: If i add 2 years to my experience here in the Philippines to make it a total of 7, and not declare my experience in Saudi, will dataflowgroup learn about my experience in Saudi? Do they also have a way to check the countries you have been to?


do they really need the original copies of diploma and TOR? I only have the CAV or red ribbon docs.. Sadly I left my original diploma as phil.... :(


hi! Need help here. I received the result of my evaluation for license here in Qatar. My application is rejected and it says that I need 4 months training. Where can I get the training so that I can apply for re-evaluation after 4 mos. Thank you for your reply.


@gayle016 : did you pass photo copies only for data flow? How come you are rejected, do u have experience gap?


@lifeangel: I did pass photo copies only and besides I already completed my data flow. only in evaluation I failed maybe because of the experience gap of almost 1 year. that's why I want to ask if there is a school or training center where I can have my 4 years training if possible. :)


@lifeangel: I did pass photo copies only and besides I already completed my data flow. only in evaluation I failed maybe because of the experience gap of almost 1 year. that's why I want to ask if there is a school or training center where I can have my 4 years training if possible. :)


Hello just want to ask if the your will just renew your saudi council for health specialist card here in ksa and currently would still be matter the result of dataflow?what if its negative result,they will ban you immediately as nurse everywhere?please reply.thank you


Where i can apply in middle east with 3 years experience..please you have any idea..


I have passed prometric already and done with data flow...I don't know wat to do next... What really happens in evaluation stage by the way?


hi there! im here in qatar for 2months. i already passed the prometric exam. i have an employer stating that i can be dental assistant and no exam is needed. but what it keeps me from delays is that my last employer in the philippines did not give me a coe making it a one year gap for me. the question is can it be possible that my dataflow and evaluation be rejected due to my one year gap? how many years of work experiences is for a general scope nurse? i hve 2 years and 4 months but it should be 3 years if my last employer give me a coe. hpoing for your responses. im so confused and worry about this.


Currently I am in Qatar by visit Visa with NOC. I have finished my Diploma in General nursing with 2 years clinical experience which include the curriculum at SriLanka. I do not have post academic nursing experience. Just 2 days for Qatar. Can I apply for Data flow? what are the ways to get registration in Qatar? Is the Degree & working experience need for this?
pls give me a comment any experts of this field. Thanks.


hi mafras. have you taken the prometric exam?


what if i don't have an employer? Does that mean I cannot process my data flow? because I was interviewed in one hospital and they are requiring me to show them the result of my data flow verification. I don't know what to do, can anyone help me?

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