I'm a Filipino and I've been here in Qatar for a month now, and I have asked other nurses I've met about the Data flow requirements. I already visited the site of SCH and I've seen these requirements:

1. Applicaiton form duly filled in its entirety
2. Signed letter of Authorization
3. Valid Passport Copies
4. Name Change certificate, if applicable (Marriage cert, affidavit, any legal doc)
5. Degree certificate copies (copy of orig cert & translated copy)
6. Mark sheet for the final year (all year mark sheets for applicants who have studied in india)
7. Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV) for applicants who have studied in Philippines
8. Copy of the backside on the degree certificate (for applicants having Afhan, Egyp, Pakistani cert)
9. Experience letters from previous employers for the last five years
10. Medical / Nursing license copy (front and back)
11. Renewal document (if applicable)
12. Payment receipt copy

I've already completed everythig, except for some documents that I'm not sure of....So, the questions are:
- Degree certificates - is this diploma?
-Mark sheet for the final year - is this TOR?
- CAV - Is this from PRC - the Cert of Good Standing? Should it be sent to SCH directly from the PRC?
-Exp from previous employers - i believe this is my Cert of Employment? Should it be notarized?
- Medical/ Nursing license - I believe this is my PRC license correcT?
- Payment receipt copy - where should i pay? what bank ?

And lastly, should all documents be red ribboned before I pass them?

Thanks! I hope to hear from anyone soon..

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