DOs and Don't of finding an accomodation

Whenever you call for an accomodation please must ask from the agent or dealer or owner the following question.

  • Location: Don't ask for the land mark as it will be helpful only for reaching to that area. Must ask is that deep inside from the main road?
  • Age: Ask How old is the construction? agent, dealers must know it.
  • Exactly contructed or adjusted: I have noticed that at time the accommodations are partitioned by wooden board etc to make it 2 or 3 room.
  • What includes furnished or semi furnished and how old  furnished items are.
  • Never go for old construction as there may be chance that in near future they will demolish this in order to erect new ones.
  • Ask for commision first.
  • Ask for the payment mode (this should be ask at the later stage mainly when u decided to visit the place)
  • Ask for utilities inlcuded or not. Although it is not that expensive here but must keep your records straight.
  • Must ask what is the type of accomodation becasue there is a great difference between flat, villa, so called villa, cottage type, quarter type. Incase if it is villa or not a flat i.e. cottage or quarter type must ask.
  • Always bargain, atleast as much as possible.

Note: If onyone has any other hint that can save the new comers time and money please add.