Driving License Renewal

Hi Everyone! Need info on the following:- What documents do I need in order to renew my driving license. and where can I get it renewed? Also, how long does it take to process this?

Thank you!


Letter from the company/sponser and 250 QR

Nothing required, need only the OLD License, just drop in to any traffic police station (mathar Khadeem, Madeen Khalifa, Abu Hamour, Souq Waqif) & they will issue it.

Charge Qr.250/=

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I renewed my license on this month.

Only need passportsize photo and Q.R.250.

I got the new license immediately.

No Application Form,Eye test,.....

It is very easy now, just submit your existing license along with a recent Passport size photograph to the Traffic Dept. counter they will scan and return the Photograph and issue you with a new license. The charge is

Qrs. 250.


Thank you for your inputs! Indeed, renewal of driving license is now hassle-free. I just presented my old driving license and paid QR250 (via ATM card) and I got my new license! Yes, just like that :).

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