DSLR Cinematography

Now days the number of dslr film makers are high in Qatar compare to the past. People are in action with various kind of accessories and gadgets. Especially the booming of the dslr manufactures or providers are cheap in price and quality output! although the market is short and production value is not that high..
Its a right time to move on pro dslr cameras
here its a brief of different cameras
Choosing a DSLR
This guide focuses on Canon’s EOS series of DSLRs (1D Mark IV, 5D Mark II, 7D, Rebel T1i, Rebel T2i), but also pertains to Nikon’s cameras (D90, D300s, D3s), as well as other video-capable DSLRs like the Panasonic Lumix GH1, Pentax K-7 HD, and Sony’s NEX series. If you’re wondering why some DSLRs shoot video and others don’t — or why none of them did a couple years ago — check out Gizmodo’s article. At this point in time I believe the Canon DSLRs offer the best quality and flexibility for filmmakers, due in part to their superior h.264-based codec (which is of higher quality than the MJPEG codecs of Nikon and the lower-bitrate AVCHD codec of Panasonic’s offering). However there are several top DSLRs contending for your hard-earned dollars (not all Canons); each camera has its particular strengths and weaknesses, which should help you decide which DSLR is right for your particular needs.

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Even if u have a high Quality DSLR , the photography or videography quality depends on the person who shoots, if i say exactly, 40% of camera's quality 60% depends on your skill for a perfect 100% output!!!

Hi, I recently bought Canon 600D (Rebel T3i). In movie mode it is making only 6-8 seconds videos and stopping automatically. I searched the web where I found it will make 29min 59 sec video in one file.

I tried with different SD card but the result is same. Can you please tell me how to Increase the movie length. Thanks

Simply you need a faster card!

Buy a SanDisk Extreme Pro and try. Sometimes the reading error it between memory and camera. If you are using a normal card it may be happen. So try with a faster card.

Best of luck

You are absolutely right

Tools wont make anything but if someone have right tools and bright knowledge then the quality will be amazing!.

i think you must update the camera...

in canon

1dx is out long ago. fastest camera shoots 14 fps.

5d mark 3 is out long ago.

in nikon




and so many are there.

oh i forgot to mention that most of the dslr are now able to do 1080i with multichannel audio

Could you believe that i'm still shooting only with ma SLR,, n i'm loving it, maybe i would upgrade sooner, but nothing wrong with my SLR tho!

where do u wash the film?

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supeesh there r so many places for wash, there is a studio in Safari mall, who has good quality of machine for printing!

i have lots of negative from my old nikon fm2. i thought of taking a print for all those negatives..

thanks man..

No problems mate, hope u will get a good output

DSLR's can be great. But not for video. They shoot progressive and tv screens are still interlaced. So if you have any movement like tilts or pans they simply aren't good enough. If you want to shot video simply get a video camera like the canon xf 105. Thats why they still make them

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