Good Residential Areas in Doha

Comin over to join a job in Doha...Any pointers on what residential areas should one focus on for apartments in Doha.



Focus on getting an appartment that fits your budget and is not to far from your office. Finally that is what counts if you are counting your Riyals.


Your point of view really helped that much.

Come on...the guy need names not instructions that a 10 year old boy would know!!

Then give him the information that he wants as you obviusly know much better. It's not the area that counts it's the budget finally and as you are the expert you can take time an list him the informatio.

There is a site where he can be helped it is a case of using it and you to pehapr

I'm no expert & I think that either you say somehting useful for people who seek an answer for their questions or just...BUTT OFF!!

In the spirit of any help is better than no help...Thanks.

You mention a site, mind I ask what the address of that site is, please. Regds.

You are an insulent person no manners and no idea. I have told check the newpaper Gulf Times plenty of estate agents and appartments there

Yes BUTT HEAD you are not expert you don't even know your way around let alone anything else so keep you mouth shut if you don't know.

I would recommend that you look any place West of C-ring if you can. Places around the B-ring, C-ring area tend to be in the older more rundown part of town, which means you have to deal with cockroaches and rats.

Just remember that any place you look for is going to be 10,000 QR and over.

Any ideas where you are going to be working?

Try Maggie at Homes r"us tel: 0974 5831585 if she doesn't have she will know someone possibly can help you.

Otherwise try Maureen at Appollo I'm sorry I don't have the number but you will find this in the Gulf Times too which you can read online.

Doha is growing and many of the blocks of flats are being leased out in one whole thing to oil and large companies this is why you may not find something directly near to you but Doha is one big building site at present and many of the streets are blocked off so driving is a problem although Doha is not big.

Get yourself a copy of the Marhaba this will help you knowmore about Doha is costs 20 Riyals I am not sure if this is online you will have to check it out

May I compliment you on the use of the term "Butt off". It reminds me of my kindergarden days when I was sent to the principals office for calling someone a Donkey's Bum.


DG pleases excuse me I am not an aggressive person but that boy is extremely aggressive and no bloody manners and no knowledge into the bargain.

They talk about areas as if there is an area which does not have a building site and I travel round half of Doha to get to my job when I could get there in 5 mins if the streets were open.

Again Please Excuse me

No need to excuse I was seriously enjoying the flashback to my past. Frankly you gave fine advice. Most people don't know the exact areas of Doha, All I know is that I'\ve never met anyone happy with a place inside C-ring. One friend has cockroaches, the other rats and one friend has a pack of wild dogs that hang around his apartment!

I live beside the Hyatt Plaza and it took me weeks to find where I am staying. I share a villa with a Keralite family they have one half and I the other. We don't get in each others way but if they don't see me for a couple of days they come an knock on the door.

Across the road I have very nice and kind Qatari neighbours who are extremely friendly and I an happy with the situation. The villa is old and I have had to have the pest control three times to kill all the bugs that were there when I moved in - but this is life here and we have to accept it - the price was within my budget at that time - now I am settled and would not like to live in the city itself. We hav a small garden which the neighbour keep so all in all paradise


thanks all for sharing...

stumbled onto some web sites, that i'd like to share:

for maps:

real estate:

a telecom company

There is also a site called and on tht site is a site called virtual tourist take a look at that and see if there is anything you can fine useful for yourself. You will know your way aound doha with two months it is not a large city.

Have a good weekend

the info! I was hoping for websites with pricing, and you found them! I am still looking for work for us and this forum has been fabulous!

seems like the ASD is the tops ( including tution :) ) at Doha.

Wonder if anyone can share comments about another school,

the middle east international school (ideally good n bad both).

I have two kids who will need schooling ( 5th and 8th grade)and they'll be movin from california...

Can someone tell me if I can get a two bedroom apartment by 7000QR in an average level area in Doha

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