Moving a Car from Dubai to Doha

Hi All,

I've been struggling to get clear info on the process / procedure on transporting a car from Dubai to Doha. I have a 4by4 late 2007 model which has Dubai plates till end July and Insurance till 16th August. I’m looking to start my new job in Doha on the 5th of August. Can someone advise me the best means of transporting the vehicle to Doha from Dubai, and the relevant procedure. I would like to have the car in Doha by the time I start work on the 5th.

If I was to ship it, any good logistics company in Dubai to use? what are the freight charges approximately, and are there any customs / import duties to pay in Doha if one ships the vehicle?

If I am to drive the vehicle to Doha, is it worthwhile? what paper work does one require? and is it an easy process i.e. getting through Saudi customs etc, also I am told there is an import duty of 5 % in Qatar? is this the case? some others say there are ways of avoiding paying this import duty?

many thanks and await your replies

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