My Self Working Working as a Mechanical Engineer. I want to apply for Driving License in Driving School. But My Company is not ready to Give NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE FOR DRIVING LICENSE. Pls tell me is it possible to apply with out NOC.

If its there please give me the contact person Phone and address.

Thanks in advance.


its not possible to apply for driving licence without noc

why your company is-not giving NOC ?

for further information give a cal


sreenivasan, i think it is not known as NOC but a letter from your company to register yourself with a driving company to learn driving...Correct me others if i am wrong...

you are correct Soniya but people mostly say NOC.


No matter whatever the letter called so.. You must have this letter from your employer for Driving License. The letter will not be accepted by driving department even if the letter is signed by other than Authorized person of your company.

So, try to get the letter from your office to get a Driving License.

Hope this helps.

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