Out Patient Department of Hamad Hospital

As a health worker I refer patients(mostly laborers) to Hamad Hospital OPD. Most of them after going to the OPD are ranting that there's no Patient-Doctor interaction, routine assessment and proper treatment given.
To prove their claims I conducted an experiment. I wrote in a referral letter about a patient complaining of recurrent colds & skin allergy but the actual problem is productive cough for 2 weeks.
What I'm trying to test here if the physician will be able to assess the patient well and give the correct diagnosis.
Prescribe a cough syrup & antibiotic instead of anti allergy medication and cold preparation.
Unfortunately, the patient came back with the latter.

What do you think the reason for this kind of problem?
-communication barrier?
-large volume of patients?
-or maybe the doctors are not doing their jobs
Have you experience this kind of treatment before?
I just hope that this example is not happening the whole time in that department.

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