I am currently working here in Qatar, our employer informed us that they will transfer to contractor with less salary, but we have option not to accept, but the problem is I have Personal Loan in one of the BAnk here in DOHA, what if I will not accept the offer, what will happen to me , I mean did the BAnk will force to pay or not?


Haha.. so you want to get away without paying the loan ?

NOt really, but Iam Just curious what if the Company is the cause of termination?

Yes, but your loan and contract is with the bank.

You mean even the cause of termination is The Company, the bank will force me to pay??and wat if I find new job with less salary war will happen did they reduce my Monthly fees?

I am sure you can renegotiate the repayments with the bank..

AH okay, because I am just worried, but not paying and run from my debts is not my option, I do believed in KARMA...thanks for the Info.

You're welcome. I hope it all works out for you.

Fact : If your company terminates you, take that letter to your bank , you won't be required to pay any remaining amount , bank will use its tacts , don't yield , after few days of delay , finally you will get clearance from bank and fly home ..

Insurer of your money / bank would pay that amount to bank, may be insurer and bank are having offices in the same building / or managers are cousins / they are after your money / so escape clear from both parties / Pray hard / Good luck in finding another job soon somewhere / Regards.

Would you believe if I say 1000s had left without repaying a single coin in case your company terminates you .. what for you pay premium every month my friend ..

This is interesting. I did not know this. To be honest, I am surprised that this is possible, but good for those who have bank loans.

MM where did you get that information? Do you have a link? For your info. my colleague in the ministry was terminated with a cause and had a personal loan in the bank. Due to that he was not able to get a bank clearance and his passport was turned over to the police. He found a job with a meagre salary and after number of years was able to pay the whole amount. Then and only he was able to go home.

correct me if m taking this wrong: i take personal loan from bank. by chance, i got terminate by my company it ok i dont need to pay the rest of my loan? or i can hold the loan till i find another job?

Once you get terminated, your company will inform the bank and will pay your loan with the total amount of your End of Services Benefits. In that case you will not receive anymore your gratuity or benefits.

You have to pay the loan, don't believe anything else. banks may or may not renegotiate your monthly installments, their call but you can approach them for it.

No full payment of bank loan no bank clearance. No bank clearance no final exit from your employer. You need first to pay the bank loan by installments or full amount before you will be issued a bank clearance. You can delay the payment until you found a job. But you must pay the surcharge for the delay.

What if the terminating company doesn't issue an NOC and you cannot work in another job? You stay in jail forever?

God give us wisdom ! Protect us from cunning ways !

It was almost a 'routine' in 'one' company [ big corporate one of its kind in the country ].. not far away from here .. where I used to wonder .. people just join .. get their visa stamped .. one quick emergency leave .. come back & apply / get loan to the max. amount .. behave negatively .. get terminated asap say 15 - 18 months and then there they went ..

After all who are those who brought the likes of Lehmans down ..

MM, the banks brought themselves down by accepting the risks!!!!!!!

Do you think the bank will let you go scathe free? You maybe able to run and hide but you will be blacklisted in the gulf. They can even ask the interpol or your country's police force to serve you the arrest warrant if needed. And your guarrantor will have to pay your dues. There were lots of loan absconders before and the banks know exactly how to handle the situation.


I sympathise with you friend .. I really don't know intricasies of legal procedures .. but ..we all know that 'your' loan / banks' money is insured by an Insurer and 'you' pay the insurance premimum to Insurer with every installment to cover any eventuality like job termination etc.

Then it is Insurer who should come into pic. and shell out that remaining amount on your behalf to the bank.

Since , how this world goes round .. banks & insurers join together ??? to recover their money from people like your friend by unjust ways .. I believe ..

Key word is the Insurance / the insurance premimum 'you' pay ..every month along with installment ..

It seems , not sure , your friend was traped .. to play the insurer of his insurer .. like a child playing the role of his own mother / father ..

MM not all insurance policies are the same. Some insurance covers only death by the insured. And some covers death and termination from jobs.That was the reason why my friend was obliged to pay his remaining balance of his bank loan. MM he was first detained in the jail until everything was sorted out. And good NOC was issued to him to find another job.

Too much info now,,, but still not getting the clear points...haisssst..anyways Thank you all guys for giving any details with the issue, it seems like i am just worried and depressed for what will happen next.. I have my Family to feed, I accept I have the wrong moves to take the loan and not anticipating the problem like this will happen...Hopefully Tomorrow everything will be okay and fine.. God always with us...Take care Guys.

Husband take life insurance / 30 year .. dies next year .. wife/widow goes to insurer & asks for death benefit .. so what the insurer would do .. ask widow to deposit the remaining 29 years' premimum in isurer's account ? no .. we know this.

She will get full sum assured money amount within few days/months of claim application & other formalities etc.

Why not .. same way here .. 'you take money-loan based on your job / insurance / say for 4 years .. if 'your' job dies - God forbid - who is at fault .. no one .. insurer is bound to repay the balance amount to the bank / widow.

Someone from this profession should shed light on it for all of us.

MM we need insurance agent expert to shed light on this. We are not in the position to deal with this matter. But one thing is for sure you need to pay your loan in any way you can and settle all your obligations here before you bid goodbye.

Since the new regulations of QCB came into effect around May 2011, all personal loans issued to the expatriates are either based on the salary transferred by the employer or on fixed amount of money in a savings account with the same bank. If the loan was issued on the basis of the salary and the person who took loan is terminated by his/her company then the bank will NOT be able to hold the person who has taken the loan responsible but will make the insurance company repay the loan. The brunt of the legal formalities will fall on the company till the matter is cleared by the court as the bank would have taken a NOC from the company prior to granting the loan(even though the company NOC might say there are not responsible blah blah). However the matter is different if the person taking the loan resigns and leaves the this case the onus will be on him to clear his loan.

You are right .. when supporting pillar i.e. insurers are overloaded with greed & race to become number 1, then the structures of banks would collapse surely ..

I felt it long time back in 1990s ..

100 days back , I know one person got terminated / got NOC as well / flew to his home country / without repaying an outstanding loan above 50K QR .

Again, we don't know what happens behind the scene , as people assume .. may be due to their prayers / luck or lady luck / rules exploitation / wasta / so on ..

MM I believe this only is available if your employer has guaranteed the loan. But most loans are available with only your salary being quoted, not your employer acting as guarantor.

If your loan is not guaranteed by your employer, you are liable for it. It does not matter who terminates the employment. Hence all those people who fled Dubai 4 years ago.

MM is right, every loan is fully covered by an insurance, which is included in the monthly premium.

However the bank tries its best to squeez out the last penny from the borrower. If it fails, the insurance guys take over and intimidate and follow up till the money is paid.

So insurance actually does not give any protection to the borrower in reality.

What insurance? I've never had insurance on any loan in the GCC in 12 years? Where is this on the QCB home page as being required or even an option for expat loans?

People are fled 'ing for the past 24 years & 'their friends & colleagues' dropped them at airports after giving them fairwel parties & gifts ..

You are right ..

Fled'ing is different than termination .. when 'they' plan to not to come back after leaving on the excuse of urgent vacation / emergency leave ..

D'souza , Good Eve.

This is not coming separate as an option .. everything is inbuilt .. people sign papers about it .. but does not know what is written on them.

That is what rdsouza said.

Just dont get loan.Period.Khalast.

I read my loan agreements, I've never seen insurance mentioned. If they did, then why the big fuss about people leaving without paying?

Please check it out with your bankers about how many QR go towards 'insurance' [ premimum ] of your loan out of the monthly installment ..

In your loan statement of A/C...If you see any amount debited as credit shield then your loan is insured...

hi MM i just want to ask from where you get this info because im i n same situation right now.

hi is thhis information are true?is this based on experience because im facing same problem right now>

I agree with MM. You loan is insured against the eventuality of Death, Permanent Disability or Loss of Pay. If company terminates you, the company is liable to deposit your EOS Benefits and Gratuity to the Bank and that's the end of story. Banks don't have the authority to put you in jail if you have been terminated by your employer.

my bank wants to squeeze out of me. You see, they want me to liquidate all my properties in my country to be able to pay them.

how can we assure this? what if gratuity is less than my loan balance? I am sure that a hold departure order will be filed against the person.

balds_qatar kabayan trust me.we have the same situation before but after i got terminated my cmpny deposit my gratuity to my bank and i fly can go home and the insurance will take of that...even if its lower than your balance.....keep on praying

I have read you comments and i wakes me up and gives me hope, since i do have the same problem with you, my company terminated me last January 23, 2013 and they already cancelled my visa, now i am paying a daily penalty due to overstaying here in Doha, i just want to ask from you so i can have an idea what are the step by step procedure that you did with the bank? i mean did you reported to them directly? since i haven't do that so, and what are the necessary papers that you shown them? because the company is willing to deposit my end of service pay to the bank but still, i will have a balance of more that 50K riyals, how did you tell the bank about the insurance? since i am pretty sure that i have the premium insurance for my loan and it shows on the bank statement. Hoping for your answer since this might be a big help for me. Thank you


my question is they can't cancell your visa!the residence permit they can cancel but if you have the outstanding balance in the bank they can't make it but still depends on your employer.Now what you should do is ask for your termination paper from your cmpny and give it to the bank.Authomatic my freind if your cmpny deposited you end of service they will know that it's your last pay.the bank can't make any hold departure order until if your a good if your company deposited your benefits the bank will freeze your account and you can't withdraw it.from that amount the bank will temporary cut take the amount of your monthly dues.meaning if your company will allow you to go it means you can go the bank can't hold you until there is no court order.since you are paying monthly there is no chance for them to make a hold departure order for you.


Do not get fooled by anyone, I after my termination from my previous company, I submitted to the bank the termination letter, they had given my the token number to follow it, after 6 months they say that insurance has rejected your case, so you need to pay whole amount. I did not payed for 2 years and working in Qatar, the penalty doubled, they start to threatened me and call India. At last i took money from my friend and paid it. You know I had paid credit shield for 4 years, my credit shield is high still they rejected my case. Do not trust any bank, they say sweet word after that they will take double from you. How bank make business, through loan and credit cards. Take care of Mashreq Bank.

hi Adv2013 are you still in Qatar.If you got terminated by your company nobody can stop you from going home if you are a good payer.meaning the bank can't put any travel plan or case against you.Now if you decide to continue working in Qatar they will not honor your termination because you will look for another job>when you got new job that's the time that you should continue paying the bank and also that's the time they will stop freezing your benefits from your previous company.But if you decided to go back to your country the bank need your termination to process the insurance claim.

Hi Patience2012, I was told by the sales executive from Bank that once your project got over and you received the termination letter then you can submit to the bank to recover from insurance because you paid the credit shield. At last what happened I negotiated with the bank in Doha and paid the whole amount. All my credit shield money is gone plus my time, energy, etc. Credit card is DANGER. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, HE WILL RETURN TO ME WHAT I LOST IN DOUBLE POSITION.

Hi, sorry i just read your feedback regarding my concerns, and i want to say thank you for enlightening me, i am still currently here in Doha because of my situation, here is what happened, last January 23, 2013, my company cancelled my PATAKA then at a later time, they realized that i do have a bank loan, so they informed the bank during that same day (it was already afternoon) by sending an e-mail of my termination letter,. during that same day (at night), they give me my passport with the "cancelled" stamp on my visa as well as a letter that serves as an exit permit, however, the next day, my boss called me and informed me that somebody from our office will accompany me to the bank so i trusted them and gave back my passport, then until now, my boss did not returned my passport yet and she told one of my collegue that she will only give it to me once i settled my loans in the bank, that is why i am still here, then i also tried to go and negotiate with the bank (commercial bank) regarding the loan insurance but they told me that the insurance only covers death and lifetime disability, (but i dont think they are telling the truth, because when i argue with them and ask how come they are letting me pay a monthly insurance for my death, suddenly they told me that this insurance covers also those who run away), they told me that its either i have to pay in full or somebody has to guarantee me from the bank, but until now, i still cannot find ways, i just want to just clear things out, as per the bank, my company still did not deposited my end of service settlement (maybe they are holding it so that the bank can sue me?)and i want to make sure if i can really travel without any problem in the airport? please explain to me more, i would really appreciate it, you just dont know how you enlightened me with your feedback, it give me hope when i was about to give up.

Thank you and i will be waiting for your feedback.

hi bro.honestly now it will be a big problem because first your company supposed to deposit your benefits to the bank so that bank will be little not worry regarding there claims from you.if they deposit it your account will be freeze in which you need to call and inform them that you can't pay for that month.Now you need to get your termination paper and send it to the bank and inform them of your termination.Since your employer take your passport you can't be able to fly and the problem will be your penalty.i advised you to look for a job now and tell the bank that you will be given an NOC of your previous company even if your not yet sure of approving it.this will make bank at peace because you are searching for new job.try your best to get new contract from where you will be working to your new company because this will make only the bank to stop putting Case against you.because if they will file a case against you,travel ban and civil case will be file against you.Now if you get your contract after presenting it to the bank try to negotiate NOC to your employer.This will happen since they cancelled already your PATAKA they will surrendered it for sure to MOI in which your employer will become the will not have any problem with any checking because they see that there is stamp from MOI.try to let the MOI deal with your employer to give NOC or release so you can start working already.For now this is what i know about your situation because you dont have now the chance to travel.Just focus on getting new job and then follow to work with release or NOC.Keep on Praying Bro.Just GET MORE PATIENCE.God is always with you.he just want you to learn from your mistakes.God Bless.


Thank you very much for the information, it really helped me a lot to think for the possible ways,Thank you for the encouragement and at least im at peace now that we still have a God who watches over us. Tomorrow, i will be making the biggest decision, its either win or lose.

If ever i win this, i would be very glad to see you in the Philippines to thank you personally because you have encourage me during my most down situation.

I'll update you on what happened after tomorrow. :)

Thanks again and God bless you, i know he used you to bless me :)

All the best of LUCK to you bro.....just put in your mind that whatever happens bro it's God who made the decision and he has a better plan for you,,,Keep on praying and everything will be OK.God Bless.

I have a personal loan in the bank then I got a new job in UAE with better salary.I file my resignation and on process my repatriation documents,my final settlements will be transfer to my bank account.I went to bank to inform that I'm leaving soon to join in my new job assignment in other country.They advice me to pay 50% of the remaining balance of my loan amount and guarantor with blank check for the remaining balance of 50% as well.I prefer now to pay the 50 percent amount and I cannot provide a blank check for the remaining 50 percent.I will pay the remaining amount in UAE. My question is they can hold my exit in Qatar or delay my departure?

kabayan the bank doesn't have the power to put you in hold.based on my experience i as been terminated and still go home.why? because if your a good payer and they don't find any issue on your payments monthly they can not put anybody on a hold departure status if you don't have any can still go smoothly in the airport.the only problem is your company if they are partners with the bank where you took the will be only your company will be your problem if they will be given orders by the bank not to let you go.If they request for exit permit for sure it will be approved.The other problem you will be facing is you will be working in UAE

My company has no connection with the bank where from the beginning of personal loan issue our company stated there side that they don't want to be involve any obligations for whatsoever circumstances may arise.They will inform the bank if the employee is terminated or resigned from his/her service.I hope these could not be a problem at all and regarding on my transfer to UAE,visa and plane ticket are ready.I'll go direct to UAE.My final settlement will be transfer to my account,my question is do I need to comply the bank requirements to pay or deposit the 50% cash from the total amount,the guarantor and the blank check for the remaining 50%?These could not be a problem for my exit in QATAR?

hi jazz kabayan!you will not have any problem going out even you don't comply with the bank condition.It will be more problem if you issue blank check and your giving them more chance to file case to you once it bounce.Just go with your plan go to UAE and continue paying there while on UAE.

Hello there. I am also facing a difficult situation wherein my company relocated myself and my family from UAE to Singapore in 2011. I have outstanding credit cards and loans in UAE and due to a high standard cost of living, I could not afford to pay my monthly dues. Now I got a job in Qatar and planning to move next month. I would like to continue paying my outstanding loans in UAE. Any advise what I am going to do? Should I approach bank(s) now or I will approach when I reach Qatar? Is there any problem when entering to Qatar immigration? Police clearance is required from new company. Should you think the banks file a case in my home country? Thanks.

English only in the main forum - Thanks (Moderator)

English only in the main forum - Thanks (Moderator)

bro walang problema dun....ang gawin mo mag apply k ng trabaho.tpos dapat maconvince mo yung company mo n tatanggap syo n magbigay ng contrata or job acceptance man lang,sabihin mo sa aaplayan mo n bibigyan k ng NOC ng dati mong cmpny.ang proseso kc ng NOC kailangan mo muna makakita ng lilipatan bgo k magrequest ng NOC khit d k p din sure n ibibigay nila ito.kpag nakuha mo kontrata mo n bago.zerox mo bro pra my kopya ka tpos dalin mo sa banko pakita mo at sabihin mo on process n NOC mo.dapat yan ang una mo ginawa.ganyan ang ginawa ko nun

English only in the main forum - Thanks (Moderator)

my kopya k b ng termination letter mo dapat meron k nun kc evidence mo yan n terminated k.covered ng insurance yan.kaya dont be afraid.i proved it myself...

Salamat sa advice ah... actually, ok na at nagkasundo na kme nang previous company ko at willing na sila mag bigay sken nang NOC... nag aaply nako sa ibang company ngaun... so ibig sabihin... kahit me ongoing case nako sa bank... as long as makapag present ako nang offer letter mula na new company ko... eh i uurong na nila ang court case ko? kse sbe nang bank officer na nakausap ko... kahit daw willing magbigay nang NOC yung previous employer ko eh hindi daw ako makakapag transfer nang new sponsor habang me court case ako and the only thing i can do daw is to pay the full amount bago nila i urong ang court case... tingin mo strategiy lang nila yun pra takutin ako? kse iba ang sbe nag MOI eh.

English only in the main forum - Thanks (Moderator)

English only in the main forum!

English only in the main forum - Thanks (Moderator)

I think the best thing that you can do is to review your loan agreement with the bank, then ask them your issue.

Please secure a termination letter, inform the bank..perhaps they have some clauses on Involuntary loss of job", just perhaps it may be covered by an insurance just like the credit card shield. Inform them about your situation until you find another job.


I think you have to check first in Qatar Immigration if you are not blacklisted. GCC unites and if UAE banned you, it's probable that you might be caught in Qatar just like what happened to a Filipino guy. UAE cannot file a case in your home country, it's out of their jurisdiction. Better to talk to the bank and check your immigration status.

Yes bro, even if they will bring the case to the court, tell them you can pay only this much and the court will decide an affordable installment.

What if the poor guy works in a bank and BANK forced him to resign and asked him to leave the Org; what will be his position wrt personal loans? Bank will not provide the Exit until he cleared all his PLoans? How to clear such messy issues?

Dear Patience 2012

I have a loan from Oman bank. now i have got visa from Kuwait. Can I pay it from Kuwait .. ? can i exit from Oman ?

I know this is quatar based website..but please help me ..

thanks in advance

one guy who was requesting me to take care of his QR 150K loan saying that he will pay the equivalent amount in advance in my home country account. But he never paid any amount to bank as he came to know that the loan was covered by insurance.

He conveyed his thanks after reaching home country

I was working in Doha one of the good company last 7 year but my company suddenly give me termination from my job. I apply for NOC . they are giving me NOC but after living Qatar. I found a job in another company but they want local release. give me suggestion guy what should I do for get a change of sponsorship.



i have the same situation. i was terminated i informed the bank already my account was freeze then i received my settlement. but the problem is they include my plane ticket fee in my settlement instead of they book my flight. now they will cancel my visa as my friend says. i dont get new job. i dont have NOC. what should i do/

i have the same situation. i was terminated i informed the bank already my account was freeze then i received my settlement. but the problem is they include my plane ticket fee in my settlement instead of they book my flight. now they will cancel my visa as my friend says. i dont get new job. i dont have NOC. what should i do/

i have been terminated on health grounds even then i will have to pay my personal loan

hi sa lahat. may tanong ako sana matulungan nyo ako.. may existing loan ako dito sa doha tapos gusto mg transfer sa Dubai kc andun ang family ko. anu kailangan kong gawin? nagpunta ako sa bank sabi nila kailangan ko daw lahat bayaran yun lng ang solution. please advised. masreq bank ang banko.

i had a personal loan in the bank here in qatar. i want to resign from my current employer and go to dubai. is that possible? what shoul i do? the bank told me that the only solution is that i should pay fully the loans i got so they will give clearance. the bank is masreq bank where they have the main branch in dubai.

Don't inform bank till you leave country, and then you can call bank to give there loan bank, personal loan information does not show in the immigration system, but make sure your HR does not inform bank before you leave

hi can you give me an advice..

I have an offer in U.A.E. and i have a loan here in Doha, so definitely I cannot resign to my current employer for they will ask me for a bank clearance. So my plan is to get a visit visa in going to U.A.E. and to work there but continue in paying my dues here in Qatar thru Exchange. My question is will I not be facing a problem in U.A.E. when I arrive there presenting my visit Visa while at the same time I am having a working visa from my work to be, in U.A.E.? Please advice. Thanks

Requesting valid and clear advice regarding my below concern .

Since 2015 February I am working with a semi government organization in Qatar and recently I got termination letter with 2 months notice period due to man power reduction strategy . I have a personal loan also and its clearly said by company that they wont provide NOC to join other companies as I am hired Internationally . And due to some critical reasons I am unable to arrange the whole amount as of sudden . I have offers from other Qatar companies with better salary package .Kindly guide me that how to come out from this situation . Loan insurance covered death and permanent disability only , nothing mentioned about Job .

Please guide .

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