With Qatar Driving License is it possible to drive in GCC Countries?
By shazz • 8 years 6 months ago.

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i will be moving to saudi soon i want to know if its possible to use the exsisting driving license to driving in saudi. also is the qatar driving license is valid in Dubai?

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By shazz• 8 years 6 months ago.

thank you very much for your answers i feel i must contact a travel agent and get a temp. one thanks again for your advice.

By chemical• 8 years 6 months ago.
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Dear Friend,

I came to know through one taxi driver in Dubai,He said if you are in tourist visa you can drive a car in UAE,with your Qatar DL.

But not with your bussiness or work visa.you have to take 7 days course,in uae.or gcc.

this is what i came to know.

By medo9944• 8 years 6 months ago.
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yes you can drive with your Qatri licence if you have only your Qatari car but once you want to be resident the guys already answer you enough just change the license without any driving test as there is an agreement for the Gulf countries

By baldrick2dogs• 8 years 6 months ago.

Jesuis, sorry YOU are wrong, see my previous post and that of "baedaebok" at the top.

As a GCC National, yes you can. If you are still resident in Qatar, yes you can, but once you are resident in KSA you must get a KSA License - I was the for 8 years prior to coming here. I know - I have BOTH!

By michoo123• 8 years 6 months ago.
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For a short period like a week or so u can drive rent a car in any GCC country but if u shifting permanently u cant use qatar license. I guess u can convert qatar license to Saudi license easily.

By baldrick2dogs• 8 years 6 months ago.
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But in Saudi you can only drive on an International license on a visit or business visa. once you have residence you MUST transfer to a Saudi License.

By anonymous• 8 years 6 months ago.
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Yes! It is possible! All you have to do is go to travels Agency or ticketing agent and I apply for international drivers license to what countries you want? They will charges you for a 100 riyals or more and give you papers allowing you to drive that country as they guarantor agency.

By baldrick2dogs• 8 years 6 months ago.
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Get yourself an international license based on your Qatari one as a temporary measure, however once resident you MUST have a valid Saudi one.

By fan_ni_sarap• 8 years 6 months ago.

I was able to transfer mine from Saudi to UAE to Qatari!

By anonymous• 8 years 6 months ago.
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No, it isn't! I hold a Qatar driver's license and I'm moving to Saudi this summer. I can't use my Qatari driver's license in Saudi. Only citizens of a Gulf country can transfer driver's licenses between Gulf countries.

Saudi only accepts Western driver's licenses.

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