Qtel internet speed :((( Is it just me?

We have a 1mbps ADSL package from Qtel and at our old home it worked well, we could skype with family back home (with video), access internet, no problem. Then last week we moved our connection (same account, same package) to our new villa just 1 block down the road and now I cannot even open websites or log into google chat (text only), never mind skype, my internet is so slow :(
I did one of those online speed checks and (after the test site "timed out" the first 3 times I tried to open it)download speed was about 500kbps (this morning and upload speek only *wait for this* 8kbps :( And this is on a friday morning - a good day. Is this normal?
I am reluctant to upgrade to a higher speed when I am not even getting the speed I am currently paying for.
Is it normal for customers in different locations to get completely different internet speeds even though they pay for exactly the same package?
What can I do? Should I just cancel my home internet and rely on my blackberry? I am so frustrated and know that if I call qtel they will just tell me to upgrade to a more expensive connection, even though the problem is clearly on their side as it started only when I relocated and my subscription has not changed.
Any advice? Am I right to be annoyed? Can anyone refer me to someone at Qtel who could help?

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