Ras Laffan

Hi, if you are to work in Ras Laffan, do you live there, too? Are there housing accomodations in the RL industrial area?


If I look at a map, the drive between Ras Laffan and Doha looks to be 60+ minutes. Is this true? So if you live in Ras Laffan, what is the entertainment like there?


Depends on the company you're working for. They will have their own camps within RLIC, with their own entertainment and it's up to them who lives there and who commutes from Doha. It's about an hour and a quarter bus journey from Doha.

most operational personnel of QG, Ras Gas and Dolphin live in al khor

Thanks for the info. Yes, I heard there is a bus service to go to/from work.

What is Al Khor like? Are there any malls or shopping areas with cafes there? How long does it take to drive from Al Khor to the Ras Laffan area?

If Doha is 75 minutes away, it sounds better to live in Al Khor or somewhere like that, and go to Doha on days off, right? What do you think?



it depends on the company u r working with , mostly all company have their own  accomadation camps inside there and they have their own entertainments inside the camp, they will provide transport for the persons to go to doha... but mostly they have a shedule for that ,,,, my opinion is to 50--50 chance ... bcz some can enjoy , some don't feel.... the one main thing if u need to save money , this is the best place .. bcz here no way to spend much money , so u can save,, if ur target is on that........

Yes, saving money is the priority <grin>. But I was just wondering what a person does around Las Raffan if he's on single-status and he finishes work each day.

Are there some simple restaurants to go to if you don't want to cook dinner at night? Or, are there cafes to walk to just to relax? I'm not interested in any heavy disco scenes <grin>.

Are there neighborhoods in Al Khor? Usually if there are neighborhoods, there are small shops and cafes, right? Is this what the place is like? Thanks for the help.

cooking inside there is not possible, all camps have mess halls and from there only u can get food. and for that they have kitchen and have a catering team tooo , but u have to adjust with that food and alll ... if u r in good position u will get good room , may be single and if u r going much tope u will have single room with an additional room as a a visitor's longe and have a fridge contains the refreshements u need and there is not possible to wash clothes by urself , u have to give to the camp laundary ........ its absolutely free ....... and in camp u have a smalll shop for buying things , u have a recreational hall having all type of games, and an internet cafe , its free .... but u can use maximum one hour one time........ u have to adjust ur life there.............

Ahh, I see. I've worked in oil camps before so I know what you mean about adjusting to the life.

In other words, there is no way to take a bus or taxi to any small town that is nearby - like Al Khor - just to get away from the work site for a few hours? Sometimes it's good to get into a different scene for a while.

Is there taxi service outside Las Raffan?

If you have a car you can drive out of Ras Laffan. Some companies provide cars for employees to do this.

Also, the camp accomodation I've seen has internet and cable TV in all the rooms, and there's a good gym and a swimming pool and a bar.

Thanks much, Tallg, that info helped lot.

No probs. Basically you're best off asking your company what the setup is.

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