Reporting traffic assault

I had a very unpleasant experience in the traffic today. I was about to exit a roundabout, but had to hesitate a bit because of a Landcruiser to my right that didn't indicate what it was about to do. As the Landcruiser turned out to be exiting as well, I was about to follow it, as a red Chevrolet Camaro suddenly raced in between the Landcruiser and my car, not respecting my indication. I had to brake hard to avoid a crash, and the Camaro braked hard as well and was forced to take the exit as well. I honked at him, as did a few other cars behind us.

Okay, that probably happens every other second in Doha. But as this young gentleman in his Camaro drove past me, he rolled his window down, got real close to my car, looked at me and spit at my car. He quickly zig-zagged away from me through the rather heavy traffic, but I managed to get a picture of his car and think I can almost make something out of the number plates.

I was really shocked by this incident; not so much about the near-accident, but more because of the driver's aggression. My question is - should I report this incident to the police? Or should I just let it go as something I can entertain people with once I get home?

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