these photos are for isolda
By supeesh • 3 years 4 weeks ago.

hi isolda.
any 4x4 is good for desert. but u must know how to drive in desert. there must be certain thing to take care.

if u dont know how to drive in desert, then go for lc or patrol. thats the best. bcoz its designed for desert and the car will do everything possible to move in the dunes.
so u just drive as if u r on the road.

if ur budget is low.
then x terra, pathfinder, prado, pajero, fj there are plenty of options. u need medium skills

if you are highly skilled.
then even a car is enough. and need not be a 4x4.

if u think that i am jocking.
then see the photos

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By supeesh• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

ohhh ql cheated me again.....

By supeesh• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

dont joke please... non of the photos i uploaded is shown here

By Sausage• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

if you are highly skilled, you got to wear a helmet... otherwise you will find your brains splattered over the sand..

By haji mastaan• 3 years 4 weeks ago.
haji mastaan

Thnks for sharing bro good pictures..........:)

By supeesh• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

ha ha ha.... now the photos are visible...

thelonius, i am not at all skilled. so i have lc and patrol.

sausage, i will wear a helmet and protect my head.

who is going to protect you from eating?

By supeesh• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

instead of making joke at me....

look at that highly skilled man. who drive a front wheel honda accord and drive in dunes better than 4x4.

thats called skill.

joking at others is not a skill.

anyone can do that.

i am a fan of that skilled man.

i want to learn from him.

he is not a qatari.

he is a pakisthani.

By shafy88• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

Yeah nice pics, the 3rd one i like the most it shows that guy's talent with the wheel , u know what until now i never knew that a front wheel car can do better than a 4X4 ,,,

By happygolucky• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

Amazing how a Honda Accord could do that.

By _noms_• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

in my teenage i dragged a Nissan Laurel all up the Dunes..!

By osamabawab• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

Accord in dunes! this should be registered in Guinness world record

By zafirah• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

wanna see that Pakistani also!

By supeesh• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

this is what i call talent..

every one go to dunes with 4x4.

that guy just showed us that if u know how to drive, then nothing matters...

i also have many 4x4 trapped in the dunes.

if i show those pic, then every 4x4 will b ashamed.

not the vehicle you have matters in dunes. its how u drive..

By LOL.XD• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

I Bring my Old Crisseda Car but its just Moved for max 200 Mtr but then got Stucked, it was Automatic one.

By LOL.XD• 3 years 4 weeks ago.

check this short Video

By blisteringbarnacles2007• 3 years 3 weeks ago.

Do you have a pic of the same car going up?

Any car can come down hill...

And no need for skill... you should know the way... where the sand is not soft...

Beach is more tricky than the desert the wet sand can easily swallow half the wheel in an instatnt... be it of Accord or be it of Patrol... or Landcruiser...

By Sausage• 3 years 3 weeks ago.

i dont need a fooking accord for these stunts.... LOL

By supeesh• 3 years 3 weeks ago.

i have a the photo of same car going up. by the way. the car will not reach the top without climbing, thats y i didnt put that photo.

sausage... u r already eaten by me. u dont have any car with you right now. not even accord.

By Isolda• 3 years 3 weeks ago.

Hi, here I am :)

No, we are not skilled at all. But we are in Qatar and we want to learn!

We are not going to do crazy things straight away. But the target is to be well equipped.

By ishtar344• 3 years 3 weeks ago.

It is just downhill freefall, even without driver, neutral mode could bring the car down, how about crossing out of sand cumulation from dunes area? Also i see everyday on north road how "high skilled" masterminds get smashed on roadside or guardrails in the search of adrenailne..

By supeesh• 3 years 3 weeks ago.

get a nissan patrol or land cruiser...

get a air pump. and a good belt to pull the car.

good luck

only way to learn is to drive and lean by your self..

By John Lalay• 3 years 2 weeks ago.
John Lalay

snaps taken in 2010???

By supeesh• 3 years 2 weeks ago.

so what? its taken in qatar.

when ever i go, i take camera and i take photos...

By ingeniero• 3 years 2 weeks ago.

May be it was pulled by some other car on some rainy day?

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